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lit geek rant
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 @ 10/22/2014 11:37:00 PM

i am indeed studying TS Eliot! omgomg..because of the series of unfortunate events -and now i remember! I remember feeling really familiar things about him...and leta soh and my memory is all a blur because even though clearly i do not know him per say, I read his works with no intention of ever reading it again because I obviously did not understand modernism wait i mean Modernism back then who would? I was in Primary school! Haha i wonder if it is some prophetic calling since young because now that im living my younger self dreams of finding out more about writers like him, the pain is very real and he is indeed really boring but in a fascinating way. no wonder i subconsciously didnt like him before his name pops out and now i recall it was because of the influence from TSOUE and the author distinctly called him a boring poet hahahaa and Prufrock school references and the Baudelaire kids. Ah! and Esme Squalor. turns out Esme is really the lover of TS Eliot. No wonder no wonder.

and joyce! oh dear joyce! james joyce! I really did learn to appreciate his works when i'm 21! this is really me striking off a legit to-do-list i gave myself when i was 17! I remembered HAHAAHHAA i mean i dont like to read his books forever but i think there is a lot of merits in modernism. It's like looking at really good art or having really sweet chocolates you cant have too much. It makes you dizzy. having said that, I cried again reading woolf.

alas, grades wise, I am stumbling. it is horribly depressing. i feel horrible. but nevermind. dont give up i still have a few more weeks left and im dying to complete my essays. it is really stressful but i think i will be very happy once it's over. especially the Romanticism 3000 words one. i just feel really stress for that module in general.