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To the Lighthouse: First Impressions
Thursday, August 7, 2014 @ 8/07/2014 09:15:00 PM George Eliot is a female! and she's the author of Middlemarch omgomg huge revelations :D ok so I'm not studying Middlemarch but The Mills on the Floss is still something right? Maybe 19th Century ain't that bad...

I feel like I'm nerding out for literature already hahaha :)) yes you can do! Don't think about the grades just go with the Flow~ I guess I got a little intimidated by the amount of books (6+3+4=?13!) I am suppose to read. Also, my grades for literature modules have been quite unimpressive =.= ( B, B+, A- haiz too much...)  

The three books from 19th Century are all really thick because I brought them all today and it felt like I was carrying stones in my bag. Six books for 20th Century and I am down to 4.5 because I am half-way done To the Lighthouse. It is an uphill battle. MY PREDICTION FOR VIRGINIA WOOLF's TEXT IS CORRECT!

Remember what I said about "nice to read not easy to understand" hahahahaha this is exactly what happened. I am so confused that I had to Wiki it for more information which it described the novel as "little dialogue and almost no action".

First, let me complain about how there are so many different perspectives from so many different characters about so many different and similar events. Why?! Why! And the that's not the worst part, the worst part is when these POVs changes with NO WARNING whatsoever at all! So within one paragraph I am forced to read closely in order to not miss out on what the character is thinking (yes there is a lot of thoughts remember, no dialogue no action except a lot of secret judging here and there. Character A judges Character B silently and wax lyrical about it. Character B watches Character C with Character D and contemplates about C with D. Fine by me. C knows he is being watched and contemplates about it. And this goes on for pages.).  

I understand that this is to give the effect of something known as "stream of consciousness" and that the idea of subjectivity is challenged over here (ok...) and then qualia comes into mind (PH1101E!). You can be no one else except yourself. *does Zen pose* but actually I really can appreciate Woolf's talent. Her writing is exquisite I tell you, E-X-Q-U-I-SITE! No wonder she went mad, if she can deliver so many different voices on paper, I wonder what goes inside her head.   

Secondly, there is this one man, Mr Ramsay that keeps fretting about how everything is nothing in the end and how his works will disappear in the future along with his existence. He is the most annoying character and I'm afraid this is how I might come across to people next time. I don't understand why his wife, Mrs Ramsay can tolerate him. Also, all the relationships the characters have with one another requires THERAPY/COUNSELLING. Mrs Ramsay's son, James seems to have some Oedipus complex going on. Two other creepy guys also seem to have the hots for her. Oh, and a women too. 

This is what I gathered so far. 

I met a friend today whom was just complaining to me how it is crazy that people will start preparing for school in advance. I told her unabashedly about my readings hahahaha literature is very fun especially when you are feeling miserable.