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6 ways to delete a memory.
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 @ 2/19/2014 10:57:00 PM

Today I will teach you how to forget your worst nightmare.

1. Take a waterbottle. Any bottle. Or anything that takes the shape of a box.

2. Think of your embarrassing moment in its finest glory.You will need a few minutes.

3. Done? Great! Now pull it out slowly from your head to the very tips of your fingers. Can you feel it move? The burning sensation. Yes. Ok that is half the job done.

4. Now stand up. Jump and spin yourself round for three to five times. This is to ensure that it is really out of your mind.

5. This is the hardest step. Removing the memory from your heart. The heart is more fickle and refuses to cooperate unlike the mind. Stab it when this happen. Make the stabbing action. Hold your breath. It is an uncomfortable moment.

6. Breathe out into the container. Voila! You have now successfully remove the memory you want to delete. Throw the container away and wish that everyone forgets about what happened.

In six simple steps you have now mastered the art of selective forgetting. Tomorrow when the sun rises again, it will be another day. Remember do not blog about it as well so that next time you ever need to look back in the past you won't be able to retrace what exactly happened.