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We're all mad here

A very long postscript on internet fandom
Sunday, January 5, 2014 @ 1/05/2014 10:48:00 PM

WARNING: If you never experience heightened longing for some TV show/Art/Book release, please do not read this post. Fans of idols do not count. Also, in my most utmost humble opinion, the wait for the release of any of the above mentioned media form must be at least 14 months long in order to deemed oneself worthy of the word: fan.

Ok, now I think, I think, with slightly lowered risk of making myself sound crazy right now, I want to begin describing what it feels to be fan-girling for me. The thing about FANDOM like this is that it just SUCKS YOU IN. Like Right In. It's a Blackhole I SWEAR! THE Internet is a blackhole!

So anyway, I only experience fandom of crazy levels once in my life. The One being obviously, Harry Potter. The wait for the last book was utterly nerve wracking. All the fans we didn't have tumblr or facebook then (Ok, maybe we did but it wasn't all so popular or as hyped as it is now...) it was very old-school. We go online, read and devour basically any latest updates from Her Majesty J.K Rowling, subscribe to feeds on fansites like the Leaky Cauldron or Mugglenet and well, simply keep refreshing our tabs. Swap theories online, laugh at sites like: re-re-re read the books all over again...

It was fun! Forum sites were open for debates, discussions, character analysis, character's predictions, storyline predictions, title predictions, theories of love, theories of Snape etc... Oh those were the days! There were fans that will upload fanart, ship crazy love triangles, come up with the craziest theories (hey although R.A.B turned out legit man!)  say the funniest stuff, guess the dumbest things....

It was like having a life without actually having one because you know, you are physically not doing anything except waiting and yet you know there is a secret whole world out there waiting together with you. So you know you are crazed but not alone ah so tantalizing was the wait! I'm such a geek.

And then when it comes out...IT JUST FUCKING BLOWS YOU AWAY! ( I think I'm describing fandom like sex but ok we will get there one day...) Like WHOOOSH! And then even though your parents totally do not get your unhealthy obsession, you know the millions and millons of fans out there that are going through the same life-changing sensations in their lives... It was the best! The fandom makes the art more worthwhile, more believable and of course, enjoyable because can you imagine? Groups of strangers bound by nothing except their single pure fascination for the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Waiting together, bemoaning together, getting on with NORMAL lives but secretly cannot wait to implode any moment...

Gosh those sleepless nights!

I can go on to the mourning stage/reflective stage of fangirling when I was done with the book but let's fast forward.

So right now, I feel like I'm dipping myself back into this pool of madness again. This time it is with BBC's Sherlock obviously because I cannot stop myself from being engrossed with tumblr and twitterverse of Sherlock's fandom. I mean I watched it but I didn't dare hanker over it because I know that this will be going into should I say this? yes the dark side!

Nowadays, Fandom is made so easy with such social networking platforms. I succumb right after Season 3 Episode 1.


People always say "oh my country is such a small place..." BUT nobody ever says the Internet is such a small place! HOLY SHIT! I was damn amazed and it's like meeting your imaginary friend and realizing that they might not be imaginary because I am going batshit crazy just telling you this they frickin remember me! They identified my username just as I did for theirs (some things never change) and it was like Year of 2004 reunion all over again.

PLUS our time is 8hrs apart (London time is slower) which means more sleepless nights to come! We take turns to sacrifice our sleep to craze over things like this... IkrwhatamIdoingwithmylife

I don't know what's wrong with me. Even if I do, I cannot stop myself. I feel like time-travel really do exist and it's right now. The Internet never ages and when I'm on it, my soul is split into a million tiny pieces (not in Voldy's sense) scattered all over through such sites and it all comes together now. HAHAHAAHHA anyone ever felt this way?