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life updates in school because I rarely blog about reality. this is a healthy dose
Sunday, October 13, 2013 @ 10/13/2013 10:20:00 PM

I am reading less but more. Less of what I want to read but more readings of what I usually wouldn't read. I cannot say that I am completely enjoying all of it but there are some unexpected scraps of academia which I truly find amazing.

For example, as much as I hate my Neuroeconomics module (ok maybe hate is too strong of a word here, more like dread) but I feel like I am really learning impressive stuff about my brain and decision making which I never would have found out about during my own free time. Trust me it will be wasted on watching ANTM reruns or something like that....

Especially being forced to read a book titled "Foundations of Neuroeconomics" by Paul Glimcher (it is as scientific as it sounds) with all the technical terms such as "vmPFC", "expected-utility theory", "superior colliculus" thrown inside paragraphs and paragraphs within pages and pages of the book, as if the author is simply describing the weather, it is not easy. In fact, it is DOWNRIGHT PAINFUL.

However, I also had spend majority of my life masquerading as a Science stream student so surely it ain't too hard? WRONG WRONG WRONG. Haha I pity my friend whom plans to major in Psych. I don't know how much of such terms one must stuff their brains with....Good luck Audrey!

OH yes, back to good points of this module hahahha I digress. Well, the thing is I feel like I am on to a really crazy big idea which Glimcher is proposing. Merging Neurobiology with Economics to get Neuroeconomics and he tries really hard to bring out evidence about this idea :D so that in future, imagine there are new area of studies where we can learn more about human's choices and our behavior. Specifically when it comes down to our selection of economic choices. Scary but cool right?

And this is only the beginning.

Moving on to the two other modules which I am enjoying so much more wholeheartedly (drum rolls.....) Literature and Philosophy!!!!!

HAHA I don't mind doing extra reading or work for the subjects and I am truly 100% invested in it. Even the most boring topic from our Philosophy summaries about 'can machines really think like humans?' is extremely bearable (too sci-fic-ish for my liking) but rather, makes me reconsider if the Matrix can ever be real lol.

Sadly though my tutorial group for this mod is a bunch of really sleepy people barely engaging with the tutor :O which puts me on a two-man show sometimes. My literature tutorial on the other hand, have an active trio of students in it thus making lessons like a mini debate in comparison. In fact, during my last lesson some guy just shot down my suggestion outright >:O in class to go on about his own.... haha whatever so poetry is like musical lyrics to you lah ....

I am the teenisest bit worried about doing well though. I don't want to blindly love the subject but fail to be incapable of performing well in it. Unfortunately for me, I just realized that the bell curve works in mysterious ways which means I WILL NEVER FIND OUT MY REAL GRADES AT LEAST UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR.... tum tum tum. According to my literature major friend Mark, she even told me that there are a lot of 'brilliant minds' in this module. Oh wells :X

While I don't have anything against the bell curve system (yet), it's a rather unpleasant sensation of not knowing if I actually understand enough or not. I feel like I am in a climate of fear and should attempt to bring the writers back from the dead and question them one by one about their works be working hard non-stop. HAHAHAHAHA like that will ever happen. *slumps back into HIMYM mode*

---------------------------- back to updates on non-reality for many people so skip if you are bored ----------------

Ok Alice Munro won Nobel Prize for Literature this year. I have never heard of her but will be trying to do so now. This quote by her is something I strongly agree on, so I guess so far so good! It is what I always tell people when they ask me why is it worthwhile buying books. BECAUSE IT CHANGES EVERYTIME YOU READ THEM!! Like I really feel that the good writers always make me regain new knowledge each time I read their works again and again. The average writers make me relive some particular experience and even the lousiest writer is trying to tell me something.

I am sad to find out that one of my favourite second hand bookstore at Bras Basah is closing down.