To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

A2/A1 never comes
Saturday, October 12, 2013 @ 10/12/2013 12:52:00 PM

I swear I wasted half my life waiting for buses on the whole of Friday morning/afternoon.

Woke up at 720am on my own bed with a hacking cough before scrambling to reach on time for my 8am Sociology class. Left wallet at home. Barely brushed teeth  to prepare for dental appointment. Cheated the transport system with my younger sister's card. Reached KR station by 749am.

Waited for bus. Board the bus. Got left boob squashed by random stranger's bag and right foot stomped by random stranger B. Swayed dangerously while on bus. Reached lesson by 805am. Felt quite proud of self. Realized I brought the wrong assignment for lesson. Felt less proud and tried to hide.

940am. Rushed to library to print stuff. Found out that my sister's card only left with a mere $5.05 to allow printing. Used it till $4.02 anyhow. Went back to dorm and furiously tried to clean teeth before checkup and repack notes for Philosophy and Singapore Studies lectures. Ate biscuits for breakfast. Left dorm unsuccessfully doing both tasks at 1038am. Regret eating biscuits to find bits of it stuck at inner tooth inside jaw.

Waited for bus till 11 itself! Mad dash to dentist despite dread. Reached at 1110am. Found out there was one person still inside. Waited for my turn till 1135am. Felt like giving up and just go for lecture. Dentist machines made killer robots sound. Increase adrenaline and fear of entering dentist room. Dentist assistant called for me. She looked barely 25. Prayed she wouldn't be the one operating on me.

1135-1155am. Time felt too slow while lying back on plastic dentist chair. Wished I took a stronger cough medicine to knock myself out. Or wore ear plugs. Had my mouth opened up with strange looking torture equipment entering it. Mouth rape should be a real word. Dentist assistant kept standing near me holding some saliva sucking thing. Time stop still.  Dentist said my teeth are fine (duh! I take such good care of it to avoid meeting dentists in general) except that they were small in size. Went out and was told that the 20mins of cleaning were worth $100.

1205pm. Had -$30. No wallet =no money= had to borrow. Matric card held hostage by dentist assistant. Thank myself for printing in library before dental (matric card is required to enter). Waited for bus for 6min. Bus came. Bus did not stop. Waited another 6mins. Bus stop was overcrowding with people. Rapidly text 4 friends to borrow $15. Rapidly text friend to tell her I will be late for lecture. Felt bad for asking one friend to loan $30 plus did not really know friends well enough to find out how they feel about new friends loaning money. Felt terrible. Phone battery left with 13%. Felt even worse. Tongue kept touching teeth and mentally counting them to see if they were all intact.

1230pm. BUS WAS STILL NOT HERE. Abandoned plan of going for lecture. Crossed over and decided to just rest in dorm and charge phone. 2 friends replied. Conclusion: one said no tactfully, the other and I was constricted by proximity. Hated the bus system by then and came up with other solutions. Had no hard feeling because was kind of expecting that. 1242pm. Reached dorm and charged phone. Went to shower and replied emails. 1pm. Two friends said yes they carry $15 with them. Phew! Cleaned the room and found out that I slept on same bedsheets for 9 weeks. Am disgusted with self. Stripped bedsheets.

130pm. Had to meet friend to take $15. Feeling very hungry. Philosophy lecture starts at 2pm. Went to bus stop again and wasted life away. Thought about the importance of money and tried to relate it to studying literature. Found no connection. Thought about the importance of money and friends that are willing to lend me money. Teared up thinking that loaning $15 is not just loaning $15 but friends are actually demonstrating trust. Must be medicine +hunger making me emotional. 145pm. Love friends a lot suddenly. YES THE BUS CAME.

200pm. Met friend and told her I was hungry and found out she actually brought my share of food too! Too touched to continue borrowing $15 from her and told her I will return her the Bah Chor Mee money immediately once I have my wallet. Stupid mouth. Forgot at that moment that it's not a matter of pride but I actually do have to give the dentist $30. Too late. Left for Philosophy lecture before realizing. Still -$30.

220pm. Philosophy lecture buddy loaned me $50. Problem solved. Coughing suddenly got really bad. Increase medicine dosage. Feeling drowsy by the time lecture ended. 350pm. Waitied for bus again to go back to dental clinic to pay remaining $30.

415pm. Waited for bus to go home.

500pm Am in pyjamas to sleep. Fell asleep.