To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 @ 8/07/2012 06:16:00 PM

Alright first things first. Have watched the The Dark Knight Rises after all in the end! Can't say it was as good as the previous one but it was definitely worth watching :) really got terrified about the villain until the SPOILER (although everyone probably have watched it..) twist ending at the end.

Saw a long lost JC friend in the bus and it turns out nothing really change. Don't really know how to describe but felt very out of body when I met her..

Haha she probably thought I was as weird as usual. Been feeling strangely distraught yet tranquil recently is that possible? Ok don't really know what I'm saying but angry at driving tester for failing me when he was sleeping the whole time I drove. Ahh! Why why?!

Felt like a loser but exercising helps to some extent. At least i know I'm physically trying to produce endorphins to cheer one self up.

Lost a bet that Lee Chong Wei will finally win in badminton as well...hi five bro looks like we are both out of luck sighss not that I don't like Lin Dan but I always support the weaker one (don't ask me why I have no idea it's like instinctive thus when they actually win, feel doubly happy for them I guess..)

Felt so sad that he lost in such a close fight some more :(( Like my test it was so close ahhh! Stabs oneself*

And Lin Dan has such an arrogant face??! Fine I admit hes better looking but im not really into his type of hao lian face so hahaha ok nonsense now.

Ok long post ahead since I'm going to be blogging less after today. Hopefully if everything works out, I'll like to announce it here. I'm just going to convert my blog to a quasi tumblr/tweeter so it not completely without post just without much of my usual ramblings that's all.

You can read my archives for entertainment lol also random fact: I know its pretty common sense but I just learn that in order to lose weight like really efficiently one must not only eat less but run more. Yes they are not mutually exclusive but rather necessary!

I really look forward to the day I return to this blog with more words. Really really do because it means something life hanging I mean changing has happened. But for now, now I quote, I need to feel "infinite".

Omg quite sad to stop :(( p.s the book isn't that good btw if you are interested to read. I choose nick and norah infinite playlist over that emo stephen chobotsky (sp?) but then again none of them really got me as much as The Sense of An Ending.

Did I ever write a review of that book? Barnes at his best although I brought it for $29.95 hardcover when the price is now like slashed in skoob -.- one of the advantage of ebook, relatively cheaper prices, portable, totally convenient gaja now I can just literally with the click of a button read books without having to travel to kino but nevertheless the physical form of books is irreplaceable. That doesn't mean you should abandon them you know what I mean?

Completely ranting off steam now not really making sense but then again what is sense?

I really hope I will come back soon. Made myself agree that this is For the Greater Good. Please please let me not be deluded. I really want this. So let me take this down, one for the road.

Bad luck go away you cannot bring me down :) for I am...

To be continued. Hahaha laughing now at my own melodramatic exit at a lame blog with probably less than 5 readers base on my knowledge.