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Her Majesty, the Queen and the Bean
Saturday, July 28, 2012 @ 7/28/2012 10:54:00 PM

There is no comparison. I have watched 3 Olympics so far in my life: Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and right now, I'm living the moment of London 2012.

I am not going to do some emo crap of how my life change ever since then. Hell no(at least for this post)! This post is about how freaking awesome the opening ceremony is!

--Warning full of crazy gushing--
While the artistic director of Zhang Yimou certainly when for the SPECTACULAR, Danny Boyle when for tons of "oh my god this cannot be happening you are not joking HAHAHAHA" moments.


I cannot believe it!! The Queen and James Bond! YES! What sort of pairing is that? Well, if you watched it, you will know that they are quite an adorable pair. Just as you think it's going to be pretty solemn and regal, they frickin jumped off a helicopter to the stadium! I mean I know its not real, the Queen can't possibly leap off and perform such look-here-bitches stunts (actually I only realized that after watching it the second time that it was a body double HAHAHA) but the fact that she participated in this was just mind-blowing.

AND THEN JUST AS I WAS BUSY HAVING MY MIND self-annihilate to a thousand million pieces after watching this:

I can't even begin to describe this part. In fact this is really THE BEST PART/HIGHLIGHT of the moment and here is why: while Beijing certainly tried to give viewers the very best of everything, Britain did the complete opposite. She embraces her flaws/quirks in the wittiest manner possible.

I mean can you imagine if anyone behave the way Mr Bean did at the Beijing Olympics ceremony? Sneezing, showing an apparent lack of concern hahaa, dozing off to his own fantasy LOL classic lovable Bean. I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM!  It will probably be "off with his head!" by the CCP but nooo in Great Britain he just gets away with it.

In fact, the crowd love him. I love him. He is the authentic English funnyman.

And then there is the appearance of JK Rowling (hyperventilate), followed by Lord Voldermort fighting off Mary Poppins, (No, this is NOT A JOKE. Weird but in a good way) Paul McCartney I mean Sir Paul McCartney and David Beckham blabla the usual.

(Sorry for sounding deflated but yeah, combusted at the beginning and now still trying to drink in the initial BLOODYHELL! moments before accepting other parts of the awesomeness of the Opening Ceremony.)

Which is why there is no comparison. Beijing was every bit pleasing to the eye filled with "wooo" and "waaa" but Londen, Londen had humour. They knew they couldn't compete with the Magnificent*, the Flawless**, the Bombastic opening of Beijing's ceremony so they had to go for a let's-try-and-make-the-audience-laugh-so-we-can-forget-everything-else*** strategy. It worked, it was very tasteful****, it was very clever, I'm sold.

* Remember the Jet Li moments? The caligraphy thingy? How cool the Bird Nest stadium looked, their model of the large Olympic torch had a nice touch too...the London one is really too short. Plus there were thousands and thousands of performers in the Nest that it actually looked like the whole stage had CGI effects but no, it was simply made possible by thier population :D.

**So flawless because some fireworks were faked and there was a lip-syncing performances by 10 year old girl remember? The actual singer actually had bad teeth and look fat thus replaced by prettier more presentable child.

***The taxi-drivers in London are protesting against the Olympics for causing them so much inconvenience. Citizens are also complaining how irritating/problematic it is for them to carry on with daily activities. Not to mention the tax payers' money that goes to fund this and mind you they are in the middle of a Euro Crisis.

****One exception was of the sudden emergence of the NHS part in the performance. Why is that even relevant? What is going on?! If I did not study about their healthcare system in Social Studies I won't even get it. Oh wait, I still don't. What point are they trying to prove?