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Day 2: Who the heck is YeShiWen?
Monday, July 30, 2012 @ 7/30/2012 09:24:00 AM

Apparently she is one heck of a swimmer. She is FASTER than Lochte who is faster than Phelps and she is only sixteen years old.

Obviously there is a buzz.

And most of this "buzzing" mainly questions WAS SHE ON DRUGS?

Now there are 2 takes to this issue. After all, the Chinese do have a slightly dubious reputation when it comes to doping during the Olympics. Plus, biologically speaking, as much as I am pretty feminist, for a girl to beat a guy at sports and not just any guy but man of the moment- Ryan Lochte at world's standards really says something. Also she was RELATIVELY unheard of and didn't even perform thaaat well at the beginning.

The second part (which is the one I am more incline to believe) is that its an Olympic miracle. Ok I know this might sound really cheesy and optimistic but world records are meant to be SMASHED. Who cares if she is a girl? Evolution probably made girls as fit as guys nowadays hahahaa and it is not only the Chinese who participate in doping really, I bet only they were unlucky enough to get caught. And even though she may appear not much of a threat, she is an Olympian too. It might be a little too complacent on the other opponents part to focus only on the powerhouses (but then again who can really blame them, China isn't really that well-know for swimming) still... Plus her past record is credible enough, she is NOT totally unheard of if one pays enough attention.

You have to give her credit (when credit is due) I mean, have you seen the way China trains their athletes? It's brutal, it's super-intensive and some might say even a little inhumane. But with eyes on the gold, who can blame them?

Also suffered a humiliating moment when I woke up to study but ended up watching a bit of fencing. Was waving remote control in pyjamas (pretending it's my foil) before my sister woke up to go to school but not before embarrassing me when she came behind and caught me looking like an idiot with a "wtf are you doing?" look.