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Friday, June 22, 2012 @ 6/22/2012 02:07:00 PM

I'm blogging out of pure boredom now waiting for the doctor :( yesterday trip though was a blast! I hope Shimin enjoyed it as much as I did :)!

It's a pity that the Harry Potter Exhibition isn't larger. In fact there was more to see in the Andy Warhol 15mins than the latter BUT you know, apples and oranges no comparision.

-------Don't read unless you are a Harry Potter fan----------

But of course its worth it! Bloody hell! It was like entering Harry Potter world please and you get a snapshot of how everything was incorporated in the movies. The set was AWESOME! They had the entire Quidditch balls and broomsticks, the wands of almost all the important characters, the clothes (aww they were so cute! Daniel and Emma was tiny back then!) and textbooks :D!!

Right before we entered, we were greeted by the Flying Ford at the entrance and there was a small Sorting Hat show for the audience! Too bad there were so many little kids and I felt bad if I were to fight with them to play :( felt like Hagrid as I towered over them feeling equally excited but have to act my age. Plus Shimin and her sister Sherlyn was totally cool I didn't want to combust in front of them.

The souvenirs however was a tad overpriced for me so I didn't get anything but feasted with my eyes. $20 for a mug? $100 for a Time Turner? $800 for a chess set. I dont think so. Was mad jealous of rich people buying them though. Don't worry I will support the Casual Vacancy instead!
-------------------------End of rambling-------------------------

Now for 15 minutes Eternal.

WE FELT LIKE ALICE IN WARHOLAND (pun intended haha so funny! damn my sense of wit is slowly degrading....) the whole time!! Shimin and Sherlyn had no idea who Andy was, I knew only so little we were kind of hoping Jiayue will magically pop out and explain everything BUT I think at the end of it, art discriminates all but none.

Even if you have no clue what all that is about, as long as you have sufficient emotions, I believe you can still feel the pop artness of everything. :D
Of course it is better to study beforehand. But because it was so last minute we simply decide to take it as it is. So we made OUR own judgements before the paintings. Often when like this...

Me: Look at this look at this *points at shoe sketches*
Shimin: What?
Me: His drawings are so feminine! It's like something a girl will draw don't you think?
Shimin: ...
Me: I bet he's gay. Yes, I'm almost certain no guy draws like that. Somehow its just too girly.
Shimin: WHAT!
Me: Anyway artists are all the same most of them are often either gay or die young.
Shimin: *zones out*

AND I WAS RIGHT! I mean, not that it matters but his sketches of female shoes reminded me of my own drawings when I watched Project Runway last time and tried to imitate fashion designers. HAHAHA of course I'm no Warhol please.

In comparison, our discussion may sound pretty superficial and simple (making wild guesses of his sexual orientation, wondering how can he model, his religious belief etc..) but a group of douchey people next to us were by far more irritating (ironic maybe but I think I will actually act like them if I didn't have sorethroat at the Harry Potter exhibition. or maybe I just sound like an avid fan....hate my own hypocrisy hahahahaa)

It's the Wicked dilemma all over again.

So anyway as if the three of us (Shimin, Sherlyn, and I) were so not out of place already, this group of douchey people stood next to us and started (over)analyzing every single portrait in an ultra posh pretentious voice.

Fine they sounded like they really knew their stuff (I wouldn't know) but I wish they wouldn't talk so loudly. Ok I'm whining now but to quote Seth Meyers form the recent CFDA,

"Fashion people like hating things more than they like liking things."

This is so true! I find myself more irk than pleased most of the time with anything concerning films/books/music/art. Anyway such encounters is always unavoidable it's like what do you expect you went to an Art Exhibition!

It's like trying to go prom without spotting popular bitchy girls, going to Botanical Gardens without spotting Meditation Freaks ( I once saw a man dressed in white sitting on the grass almost nose to trunk with an enormous tree as if he was trying to inhale the entire tree...) or going to the Doctor without the sense of doom mingled with self consciousness (ok the last one maybe just me).

In any Art Exhibition there are always:

1. Rich and posh people trying to appreciate art. ( HAHA you can totally identify them by their branded clothing.)
2. Unsuspecting tourists conned by agencies. (HAHA you can totally tell it by their
WTS face. )
3. Lovers who ran out of ideas for dates. (ROAR you can totally see them PDAing in a corner.)
4. Students forced to go by schools. (Uniforms my dear Watson!)

5. Douchey people/Art Critics. (HAHHA they talk in loud booming voices that express their opinions: Aha you see the Campbell soup! An iconic symbol of how consumerism meets artistic direction, how can something look so banal and attractive at the same time? Look ;at the colours and more importantly beneath the picture,*dramatic pause* the message! The delicate balance of both oh-so-contradicting ideas. Ordinary everyday products becomes something extraordinary ever since Warhol became an advertising illustrator Yes, is there no end to Andy's creative genius I ask you? For he is The Father of Pop Art! I give the are-you-kidding-me face. )

Ok I made that whole paragraph up. Not bad for trying to sound smart minus the depth. I actually had fun thinking of what to say.
But in some way, I learn loads really! Of course it will be better if one have done the homework beforehand, understanding and appreciation will come easier. Still, have no fear! Andy's work aren't that hard to comprehend. In short, I find that he's a pretty exciting figure in the Art scene who saw everything and anything could make money, a practical artist that enjoyed fame and painted faces of his other equally famous counterparts (thus propelling him even further in the industry) and embraced consumerism with all its flaws and strengths. He painted as how he lived, dabbled in almost everything else like music, film-making, modeling, photography and print-making...

I hope I don't sound douchey. And that's all! Pop art can be digested more easily (in my humble opinion) than abstract! Shall go wikipedia him to see if my version make sense! Plus, fun fact Andy Warhol supported plastic surgery :D I remembered a quote on the wall that signalled his approval and I was like high five bro! He's all about touch-up!    

Ok my turn to the doctor.. mentally thinking if I should ask him how to lose weight if we have spare consultation time after he inspect my throat.

Should I?! *dies of self-consciousness* I mean I eat very little, don't hate exercise and make healthy life choices don't smoke, drink lots of water, avoid heaty food...WHY AM I STILL FAT!?