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Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 6/15/2012 12:03:00 PM

I am optimistic after the second night of the funeral. Is that wrong?

I actually think going through the process of mourning is good. Helps to put everything in perspective. I haven't been blogging like from the computer for sooo long. Ive been simply texting through my iPhone ( that's why I cant reply your messages Esther!! I love you thanks and I'm fine don't dare to disturb you since you are so cluttered with work!)

Don't worry I feel infinite. Obviously doing some actual work helps to numb the pain. Its my first time experiencing a funeral that I feel pretty involved. Actually it was unfortunate because both my second and third uncle were overseas so my mum and big uncle are all super beat by all the paperwork/coordination. Only yesterday then did they both returned, suitcase and all. Made my grandma doubly emotional since its like an official reunion now.

Also because my grandad likes a noisy and exiciting atmosphere for the wake everyone is inviting all their friends and relatives for mini gatherings. In fact if you have nothing better to do you can drop to come find me too. It's pretty touching how everything turned out so far. No trips and hiccups. WEll I did literally tripped on a rope and my knee is slightly bruised. But yeah, I met so many people in just two nights.

I'm super tired and weary and folded/burnt tons of incense paper. Nothing compared to my grandma though and shes like what 5 times my age!? Just want her to be fine now.

I am going to wash my hair now that it reeks of ashes.