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Life after death
Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 6/11/2012 10:03:00 PM

Gah i feel mentally exhausted. My grandad's condition is erratic. He was fine/getting better 2 weeks ago and all of a sudden another heart attack...Apparently last Friday, the doctor gave the worst news anyone can expect.

It was his last night. The doctor said its unlikely he will lived to see the next morning. Asked us to call all his relatives who would like to see him for the last time. He had one heart attack before and was immediately treated asap but he was angry when he woke up. Said that we should just let him go peacefully instead of suffering and have all the needles poked into him.

So when he had a relapse he was just on some mask thingy without any machine.

My mum and grandma stayed over the entire night with him.

Then at 3pm my sister called me to pass the news that he pass on.. didn't know how to feel. After awhile it hit me and I was almost crying my eyes out in public..

Evening came and I had dinner with my grandma only to find out he's well and kicking. I mean well at least talking..WTF?!

Hahaha it turns out that I heard wrongly dead "死了"and awake "醒了"sounds alike in Chinese on a poorly connected phone.

Also the doctor prediction was wrong. Hahaha what last night?! In all the craziness and sadness my third uncle who was in China hastily brought flights home only to receive the news that his dad was fine.( Not that it changes anything though..)

Even my mum and grandma had a shock. Because they stayed with him the entire night, they came home at 830am to catch some sleep only to return to the hospital in the afternoon seeing him sit upright and demanding for food.

And this is only part one of my very emotional week.. Feel like a wreck. I