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Weight loss
Monday, May 28, 2012 @ 5/28/2012 09:06:00 PM

I had a diet plan I supposedly thought was food-proof (pun intended). Involves mainly starving myself and telling my closest friends namely (chairman, Debra, old friend and darlingp) that I plan to lose weight.

Ok I know it doesn't sounds like much but here is the important part.

By telling my friends I'm losing weight, each time I see them they will be like "so have you loss weight?" then I will be like pressurized and will proceed to do so. And the cycle goes! My friend will then be all so amazed that finally the sentence becomes "wow you have lost weight!"

Ok the starvation is making me sound crazy. I have convinced myself that besides breakfast all other food consumed is due to greed and my inability to control my hunger. This will ultimately lead me to die in a pool of vicious fats.

Not a bad plan eh eh? Actually only my stupid friends looked unconvinced grr cant they be motivating at all..? What are friends for again? Told Esther and her response was just snarky, Shimin was downright sarcastic while old friend was simply skeptic (raised eyebrows skyhigh).

Thanks for the encouragement.. Anyway, 3 weeks/almost a month have passed! I should be like near less fat by now but there was AN OBVIOUS FLAW in the plan.

I was too much of a loner to meet any of my friends so seeing that I met none of them so far, I didn't lose any weight/they didn't ask me about weight loss argh!

And another vicious cycle when on. Emo eat not long ago and now feel fatter than ever to meet them thus never going to meet them thus eat even more and so on...

Gah will I ever look like Jennifer Lawrence?!