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We're all mad here

Saturday, May 5, 2012 @ 5/05/2012 01:59:00 PM

It's interesting how I felt like an 8 year old again just by placing my feet into a pair of skates.

Yep. I went Ice-skating with DP, Kaimin and her sister.

It was awesome.

Until the end when you remove the skates and realize your feet are sore like hell. But who cares? Totally worth it. The last time I skated was well, in primary school. I remembered how fantastic it was and I think for a while yesterday, still is.

It was like taking baby steps. The first time your feet touches the rink, they felt so you know, detach. Like it was so hard to control. Then you had to hold onto the sides until you gain stability and then when you do? WHOOOOOOSH!

I especially enjoyed the speed. Yes the air is cold, my contact lens did feel dry, my cheeks were a little blue but I was literally zooming. Felt like an action hero on the rink.

Kaimin though, I doubt she enjoyed herself. HAHA she was so afraid of falling that she went reeeeaaallly slowly. But what's the fun in that? Her sister on the other hand got along very well with me. We both fell down quite abit but we were like Batman and Robin. DP can be Batgirl :D she kept trying to spring up behind me without getting noticed.

The first time did scare the hell out of me but I turned on my ultra superpowers and the later attempts were all failures. MUAHAHAA.

Kaixin (Kaimin's sister), Shimin and I then played a few rounds of catching. Yes catching. You know, when I was Primary 4, I played catching EVERY SINGLE DAY after school at my house's playground. Thinking back, I bet that contributed to my enhanced lightning speed now.  JUST KIDDING!

So anyway, it was a pretty aggressive game! I was in charge of catching Kaixin while DP was trailing right behind me. Not bet for beginners eh? Looking at Kaixin, I felt a pang of envy. It came very quickly and left with equal speed. I envied her worry-free character, tolerance for pain, free spirit. It was like looking at a very fleeting moment of childhood. But then I remembered how I felt when I was young. Insecured, not so many awesome friends, poor fashion taste. Euch.

Will come back to this soon. Zoey and I had a heated debate about whether it was better to stay young or you know grow old. No prizes for which side I was on.

Alas, we are all equals in the rink. (DP begs to differ though, she observed a rather interesting fact that the crew members are biased- apparently they only come to the aid of beautiful women who fell on the rink. HA! They offered their assistance mainly to women, and being dressed in yellow, gave off the impression similar to bees attracted to honey.)

Side note: DP observes a lot of rubbish these days. We will come to her conclusions later. No in fact, its nagging me. We will come to this now. She actually said that my character was one that will match a foreign boyfriend. Specifically a Caucasian. ASEFHEWJ?! And then she threw me a nonchalant face as if to say why not?! HELLO? My parents will kill me! Do you think so? I really hope not. I think she finds me too aggressive *sad face* why all Asian guys like submissive women?!?! Damn you Esther no wonder your character so submissive suddenly haha! Must be yourself please!

Then she wondered aloud the last time I saw her at the driving centre that I was a bad person. Thanks ah, birds of feathers flock together. What does that make you?

But if I can find a person like DP I'm quite sure I can find the male version of her! HAHA. There are boys turning 21 everyday. Omg who am I kidding? Even lesbians find lovers easier than me...even Kaimin goes Thailand with A&F boys..WTF is happening?

I have enough problems to deal with already. Peace out suckers.

Being equal means in terms of energy and speed! HAHA our endurance all matched that of a thirteen year old. Except Kaimin but she made that up in terms of humour though. She was quite funny.

Kaixin: Hurry hurry we left only 22 mins!!
Kaimin: *shocked face* still got 22 mins?!!


Me: You know, you just need to open your legs a little wider you can go faster.
Kaimin: That's the point why will I want to go faster?
Me : ?!?!


It's fun to skate once in awhile. My feet hurts like crazy though I mean it feels sore. Returning home, I saw 186BF who actually entered the same MRT cabin with me BUT with her head down. So because it was super packed, I couldn't really see her face I decided to wait until she lifted it. BUT NO! She continued looking down?!?!? HELLO? I was blocked by some PDAing couple and I didn't want to inch closer and risk looking like a threesome so I tried mumbling "Trixy!" in hopes that she will hear me.

BUT NO! She squeezed herself to another end and I was already sounding like an idiot plus I had zero will power to walk near her (my feet was aching!!) so I just let that past and relied on the powers of technology (phone) which also failed me.

BUT NO! So I ended up cursing she miss 186 haha kidding! I guess we have less fate on trains. Buses though are a different issue.