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one hell of night
Friday, April 13, 2012 @ 4/13/2012 01:16:00 PM

I think I truly underestimate the feelings of having friends. No honestly, I've been staying at home waaaaaay too long. That's why when my CCA friends called me for a while ago asking to "chill" my instant reflex was to say "nope, busy".

But I wasn't. In fact I don't even know what the heck I'm doing other than cooping myself up and emoing.

Not to mention neglecting my blog.

It's seriously unhealthy. I mean I know I don't like to go out every minute and prefer staying at home being well, me but for a 19 year old person. Seriously. When I told my friends they gave me this "are you kidding me" look and it doesn't look good.

So anyway Timbre@RafflesPlace I forced my lazy ass to glam up and go.

It was one hell of a night. I really found out how shitty I have been behaving. Because my CCA friends went out themselves the day before already ( they asked me out I rejected as usual), it seems like there was absolutely nothing to talk about.

I was so wrong. With four matinis, two I-dont-even-know-what-drink-but-it-tasted-like-cough-syrup and like a couple of shots ok not couple like 20 shots, random beer and pizza everyone and everything suddenly became so bright.

Plus the band was rocking :D

HAHAHAHA omg I should have gone slow. I mean almost a month being cooped up and the first time I go out it was a little extreme than I imagined. BUT OF COURSE I DID HAHAHA. I was miss-cinderella went home before 12am and was super alert!! Actually everyone wasn't wasted and we were all so glad to just you know crap. Since all the boring talk was yesterday like "oh how are you?", "yeah I applied for (insert all the power university)" and " my job sucks" whatever I don't want to know.

So last night conversation mainly went like (ok for my side because they all seemed nonplussed on what to talk about so...) "if you have superpowers what will it be?" and "seriously you still have not got over her boobs?" and "a guy in your NS company look like Voldermort?" I laughed non-stop at the last. Can you believe it? My friend, sadly being in the same bunk as him said he was the most irritating guy in the camp and yeah was pretty much gossiping out him.

I mean I thought I would'nt be close to my CCA friends anymore (since they all felt like the hi-bye material to me no joke) I was surprise I actually enjoyed myself. Or maybe its just me. The band was soo goood.

Wait did I just mention the band was good?

To be honest, I enjoyed their company more outside of CCA hours than during it. This was surprising because I thought it will be awkward without any course of action to you know talk about. Plus I had to make sure everyone get along with everyone else and there is always some idiot every time to screw things up and somehow either me or my President gets the shit.

So CCA friends minus the politics and include a few Lychee Martinis with some really awesome band at the background was so kick ass.

However, once the darkness fades and the music stops I think I sort of gather my mind rather quickly. Like I told myself I probably won't be seeing them ever again. I know right I think maybe I need more than one night to convince me that I should be hanging out with friends more often.

Talk about trust issues.

Whatever, at least I know I was aware of the effects of alcohol.