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my first lace piece!
Sunday, April 22, 2012 @ 4/22/2012 09:58:00 PM

Apparently the previous post was from a guest star: by my friend Debs :O

She quoted me and posted what I said to her on my blog using my iPhone app gasp! The perils of technology....she begged me to go shopping with her and me, taking advice from Shimin (all of a sudden she is miss popular + know it all) decided to say yes and well I brought two tops from Bugis.

Both black. And one black lace *sharp intake of breath* Very emo right? Actually, at one glance anyone can tell that my wardrobe is pretty much colourful not to mention a tad too queer at times. Other than one black dress, one 1s2 class black t-shirt, one black cardigan hand me down from my mum, I don't have any other black stuff.

But these days you know, I always dress according to my mood and it seems like I don't have enough dark coloured pieces to go out with. Never say never. I always tell my friends I will never be caught dead in lace and yet I went ahead to buy one black lace top ha!

16 year old me will shriek in horror. HAHA I was quite fashion conscious last time (fine MUCH more than now...I could recite trends eh!) so I thought lace was something that will never work with me... tooo uncomfortable, too goth, too Victorian. This blog post seems pointless ( wait aren't all blog posts pointless?) but to me wearing lace is quite a jump! Like getting tongue piercing to me. HAHA.

I guess thats how I'm feeling now. Uncomfortable, dark and conservative? What say you of lace?

My dad recently brought an old TV, a cat ornament and a purple vase back from a house he sold or had a deal with( i have no idea what he does).

So anyway, the cat ornament is pretty harmless-looking green eyes, pointed tail quite cute and is placed outside our house, the TV in my room (yay!) and the purple vase just at the bottom of a table for now ( I like the vase swirly design). But after a few days, my dad asked me this,

"Have you been sleeping well recently?"

Which was weird because I mean why will any dad ask you that once you are 19 years old. So I shrugged and said something inaudible... because I just woke up and wanted to drink water before talking. Then he took it that I was ignoring him so he said,

" Do you like the cat outside?"

I shrugged again I mean c'mon I just woke up! Then he continued mumbling to himself and then said,

"Eh I know you don't believe this sort of thing but I think we should return the cat."

Which then became ultra odd because I didn't think there was anything wrong until he said,

"I have been having some really weird dreams."

WHICH TOTALLY HAPPENED TO ME TOO! OMG I DIDN'T KNOW I  THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! So scary right?! He said something like because the previous owner was a cat lover and jiali insulted the cat the first time he brought it back home and ever since then for the past one week he haven't been having any peaceful sleep which is rare because usually he's the only person in our family that have zero dreams.

My own dreams was also lets just say very ala A Dangerous Method. And I wasn't thinking of anything before I slept in fact, I ran a hell lot that week because I thought I didn't have enough exercise thus causing those dreams!?! Plus that week worth of dreams (when we had the cat ), lets just say my dreams were of a different quality.

Usually, in my dreams I can tell I am dreaming and I am more of less in control like I can commit suicide in my dream state if I know something bad is about to happen thus waking myself up from it. However, I cannot have absolute control over the circumstances aka totally prevent the bad stuff from happening. For example the alligator dream I cannot prevent the alligator from coming at me but I can take control like magically finding a knife and plunging at it out of my own free will.

Anyway, when the cat was outside, my dreams were a bit more er vivid. No erm more life-like. No I don't really know how to explain but it was repulsive.

To end this story

Tell me if you have this sort of thing happening haha I like hearing such spooky stories not watching them.