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Friday, March 23, 2012 @ 3/23/2012 12:58:00 PM

This is totally a random rambling post so read unless you are into HarryPotter/extrememly bored.

---------------RAMBLING POST--------------------------------------

Right, for those Harry Potter fans out there, you probably heard of Pottermore. Having an account, I've recently entered and tried playing with it (even though I'm not a huge fan of online games). Now, interestingly there was a "Sorting Hat" process and of all places I got chosen to be in.......


*jaws drop*

I was thinking "not Hufflepuff not Hufflepuff" the whole time and I was so sure I probably landed in Gryffindor but NO I ended up in Salazer Slytherin!! HAHAHA turns out if the Sorting Hat is correct, ( and he often is! ) I posses the certain qualities of being Slytherin *faints*. Shrewd, Cunning (what!?), certain disregard for rules, achievement-oriented and have a sense of self-preservation (what on earth is that?! can anyone tell me what this means?).

I don't know about you but I've always disliked taking personality tests but I heard the questions were personally created by JK Rowling herself! ROAR so that means....?

I am kind of disappointed still, I heard Merlin himself was a Slytherin.

-----------------------------END OF RAMBLING POST-------------------

The Hunger Games buzz made me think of how excited I was about Harry Potter not long ago and now it seems to be just part of my childhood. *sobs*

BUT, all is not lost. The Hunger Games movie lives up to its expectations!


I love every minute of it! I haven't watch a movie that I enjoyed so much since Midnight in Pairs. The excitement of the games, dystopia setting and blood lust was all conveyed very well :D It cleverly omitted some lazy writing on the author part for the book and when zoom zoom zoom to the best bits.

Jennifer Lawrence's performance of Katniss Everdeen is stunning! Too bad her other two male leads are like the Twilight version of Bella. (Sorry cannot help myself but to compare.) I mean they are just like Bella except in well, guy-form. Going all goo-goo over our main heroine, thinly developed characters simply just to add some romance or you know, be there.

THANKFULLY, unlike Twilight, the story don't just revolve around some triangle love story with one thinly developed character as the main character but moves on to the action-packed Games. I was particularly struck by how repulsive that the people of the Capitol could view all the killings as part of the game, betting and shaping it as part of entertainment instead of really noticing that well, actual human beings are dying.

It's like they have totally become desensitized. When such a situation is thrown in your face you can't help reflecting and noticing the similarities when we hear the news of people at war right now, at this moment. I mean you don't feel the pain or anything, the frequency of it all makes it so normal.

Hunger Games sort of gave me some slap in the face. It is NOT normal.

Reflection aside, the costume design of the people from the Capitol was truly fashionably stupid. Eyelash, wigs, shocking colourful hairpieces, it was better than I imagined from the book. It's like looking at total idiots not knowing that they look like total idiots. HAHA do I make sense?

´╗┐And this is one of the few rare photos I can find. The overall effect was quite overwhelming when I saw it on screen. I mean they behave like total idiots too in some way, which is a smart move on Collins because at the end, spoiler alert, we do realize that they are manipulated by their government and are simply too ignorant to understand and somewhat sympathize them.

The movie adaptation is really one of the best ones made these days from book to screen so just go watch but remember (hahha omg I'm so spiteful) Harry Potter is and will be still the BEST HAHAHAHA.