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Off to Broadway and Emerald City!
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 2/28/2012 12:48:00 PM

So you all probably heard of Wicked playing in Singapore's MBS these days? Yep, the night before I went Taiwan, I was all dressed and fluffed up to watch Wicked. To be honest, I was anticipating this almost as much as the Taiwan trip itself.

Being SUPER anxious and excited about it since that was my first time watching a musical (and its not just any musical but one that gets three nods from the Tony) I was completely captivated by the whole stage. Trust me, it was REALLY REALLY WORTH every dollar of my $98.00. Everything from the lights, props and cast was well, wicked. The only pity was that I should have splurge more and gotten a closer seat. Oh well.

The magnificent singing! At the end, Zoey and I were completely blown away and while she was wondering how they could constantly sing in such a powerful manner for almost every day for their performances, I was giving them a standing ovation. 

My favourite song (no surprise either since it is a crowd's favourite too) would be this:

This song tittled " Defying Gravity" played just before the end of Act1 so everyone was humming the tune as we got out of the theatre.

Sad to say though, on a whole I thought that most of the people that attend such an event are well, too posh for my liking. Maybe because I'm not used to it, but it kind of reminded me of a scene from How I Met Your Mother when the main character Ted was surrounded by high class/ douchey people as his best friends called them and they were all clinking champagne, talking in different accents commenting and critiquing on the play like some pretentious experts.

Then it took me one moment to realize, that I was mingling with the same crowd of people. ONE OF THEM one of them one of them-minus the champagne. I was in a strapless dress with heels and a tad bit of makeup after all. Random fact: Heels are not made for the narrow roads of Singapore! I sprained my ankle while boarding off bus 186 on Shenton Way on an unsuspecting kerb. But survived obviously, to watch the Musical.

Broadway with all its glamour felt almost like golf, a luxury. That got me rather thoughtful for a while and then sad because I do enjoy the dressing up and whole process of attending the musical. God help us we are all sinners. HAHA but then on a lighter note, I felt that Wicked was true and honest, a story with its theme based on looking past the exterior but on the inner side of everyone so I felt happy that I know I felt guilty for wanting to look posh and that makes all the difference in the world. And then I felt better because of the knowledge I gained and telling myself it was an experience after all and guilty back again because I thought I was lightening my own guilt by thinking like this.

(As usual, this is NOT a lesbian shot)

Pretty contradictory right? So I told myself to not think so much and just live in the moment :D

Ultimately, I love going to watch Broadway shows! Just the set itself is mesmerising one can only dream of participating in it! It is as one might say, devilishly wicked. However, some of their speech are slightly hard to decipher due to the casts' individual accents but then because everything else was pretty much well- done, it didn't really affect the progress of the show that much. 

This is probably not going to be my last Broadway show. And until then, I'm going to be making lots of money to fund it.

Oh wait, I forgot to blog about the Taiwan trip! Just wait! It will be coming up real soon!