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Beer or milk?
Saturday, February 11, 2012 @ 2/11/2012 01:25:00 PM

Insomnia is a pain in the ass these days. I wake up grumpy and deprived of sleep and yet at night, my mind refuses to turn off. ITS CRAZY! I even wake up early to try and get my body to sleep early! Plus I don't take afternoon naps ZOMG!

And what does the Mind do at night when it can't switch off? Think of weird stuff...

Yingli's mind: Woohoo 11.30am and I am bright awake!
Yingli's body: Drop dead bitch.
Yingli's mind: So imagine when you get your results blah blah blah..
Yingli's body. SHUDDUP!
Yingli's mind: Then you try to apply for uni blah blah blah...What you going to wear to watch Wicked? Blah blah blah... *Calculate tuition fees mentally*
Yingli's body: I need to pee.

This went on for 2 hours.

So, after all this, I realize maybe drinking milk helps :D I mean after all isn't it the solution for insomnia? Warm milk?

Well of course my house didn't have warm milk so I ended up just drinking a carton of dubious cold milk from the fridge and eating Maggie Mee in the middle of the night! Talk about gaining weight extremely fast =.= and I was crouched on the sofa watching old seasons of How I Met Your Mother :D

Anyway, the next night, THE SAME THING HAPPENED!

This time, I am SO convinced! MILK HAVE NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER it just gives you smelly farts on the active mind. The next night was worse because now my Mind  think of even weirder stuff!

Yingli's mind: So do you think you can even get to uni?
Yingli's body: What the shit!
Yingli's mind: When you going to Ahma's house again? Plus, its time to try out that new top you brought at flea. What can you match with that? Do you plan to learn how to use eyeliner?
Yingli's subconscious mind/body: You dont even have the LINE to draw on?!?!
Yingli's mind: Good point. Also, are you confident of passing your BTE tomorrow? What time is it again?
Yingli's body: Fine. I'll just wake up and check. Maybe try out the top too.

And sure I did. That was like 1.15am in the night. I really couldn't bear to self torture myself again by listening to the Mind I woke up and this time I thought, "hey ALCOHOL might do the trick!"

The night was dark.
And hell did the wind blow,
Yet there stood me clad in pyjamas with beer ice-cold.

Pardon the lame poem. But yes after a few minutes of fiddling with the beer-opener I succeed and did some HongaBonga dance. Hey it was a satisfactory "Pop " and fizz.  What the hell am I saying?! You see a pattern developing? This time it was beer with CNY peanuts. And I don't even like NUTS?! I just wanted to have something to chew while watching disc two of the same season of How I Met Your Mother. -.- I cannot hate myself more than ever.

To all those who sleeps early for work how is it even a holiday?

P.S: I think on a whole, beer is slightly more helpful. Except it gives you smelly burps.
P.P.S: Also, on a saner note, I'm going to take off that embarassing poem. I also passed my BTE friends! YAY! On a first try 91%! I took extra care though answering the questions really really slowly haha but I do find it difficult! Not as easy as how other people made out to be! BTT on the day I am back from Taiwan ah!

Sat: New tuition at 3pm @Dunearn
Mon: Watching Wicked and buying Taiwan stuff.
Tues: 3-430 tuition, 530-830 also tuition. GAH ITS VALENTINE WHY?!
Wed: BBDC from 3.20pm till 6.55pm wish me luck for FTE!