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Sunday, November 20, 2011 @ 11/20/2011 04:04:00 PM

Right these days, I wonder if my eyes can get any smaller. From all the crying I think there is no hope of me having any double eyelids. Stick-on or not. Ok shall start with some stupid funny things first before I get upset again...

So anyway I was mugging with Chairman as usually when she (as always) pull out some random stuff AGAIN. If you think 987Fm was the limit, you are so wrong. She brought some stick-on double eyelid thingy and tried it on in the middle of a cafe. Yes. I repeat: She brought some stick-on double eyelid thingy and tried it on in the middle of a cafe.

Using my mirror... crazy vain or both?! HAHA and then she tried to force me too. Actually to give her some credit, that thing really worked for her eyes but had ZERO impact on mine (I'm not surprise) I was mentally cringing all the time hoping no one will look at our direction please....

Can you imagine?  Two One idiot sticking fake eyelid stickers using the Starbucks coffee cup as a prop in the middle of studying Econs? SIGH.

BUT sadly that idiot happens to save my life not too long ago so no complaints...

Here's what happen. Anyone heard of the Dead Sea Salt Company? If you haven't well, that's odd because apparently according to Esther, they've been on news a couple of times for their crazy marketing strategies. I guess I was the real idiot that didn't know about that.

See : Asiaone and Mr Miyagi

Long story short, I was lured into their shop, well-scrubbed and hypnotized and half and hour later, spent a whooping $120.11 for shower gel.

I mean I knew something didn't feel right already when they started washing my hand ( elbow up ) I mean who does this sort of thing?! While testing soap, since when does the salesperson wash your entire arm?!!

I couldn't feel more uncomfortable and awkward. Yet obviously I couldn't leave since well my arm is full of soap?! Why step in the first place my dear readers you might ask? I SWEAR I DIDN'T! They pulled me in. No wonder so many people walked away from their arms reach. I saw and felt bad for them so I thought you know, what's the harm just listening to what they say about their products?

I am so wrong. Any sign of hesitance is all they need. They seize you in a flash, arm and all.

The whole experience was just so surreal. I mean they don't even look or behave like bad guys. Really. The sales lady was super nice (although Esther kept saying that's their tactic) but I honestly did feel bad for them (why else would I spent that much)? The shop (yes its a proper shop not a pushcart ) was located at Wisma Orchard and look all decent and floral not some shady dubious kohyo aka Chinese medicine and Co.

It was only after I told Esther what just happened to me in an I-am-imperiused sort of voice then did she slap me awake.. Honestly I bet if she slapped me I wouldn't have felt it too because you know they sort of Botox my face while they were scrubbing my arm as well. Applying some face products on me too.

Then we (more like her actually) save the day. She started calling all the shots and low and behold pulled me back to get a refund. Wait actually that was more like by luck I mean I was all for c'mon lets just say its a good lesson learnt, I paid my price, we move on. But interestingly, I got the wrong book for my neighbour so I had to go back to Kino and get it exchanged so we (more like me actually) decided to pluck our courage and confront them since we were nearby....

Everything was a blur. I was so afraid and felt extremely doomed but Esther was so sure she could overcome their excuses so I was meekly complied and tagged along. OMG she totally did a Tyra Banks on them..

She was fierce *cues background clapping * and more importantly she made sense I could tell the saleslady also had nothing to reply. Apparently the suspicious scent billowing in the shop had no effect on her....

"Why is the price stated on the shelf different to the one she paid?"
" Since when do you not display the actual price for a product?"
" If there is a promotion why is it not stated for everyone to see?"
" Since when is a refund not allowed within 24 hours of purchase?"

Ok the last line was what I said. I mean the manager told me even if a refund was made, we had to wait a few days because no shop in Singapore can actually do that. HUH since when?!

After 15 mins of dilly dallying and forced smiling WE SUCCEED! Haha and I am once again richer by a mere $120.11. I mean of course it was all Esther's credit and the money is surely not the issue ( I am going to pay $300 soon for some Harry Potter DVD collection so you know ) but the entire transaction was just creepy. Real badass.

Plus it was like even when I got my money back, I was so guilty. Chairman being all ROAR obviously didn't feel anything she was so convinced they are cursing us when we walked out of the shop rich once more...

Haahahaha and we were so sure they aren't going to let us off so easily we kept checking if they sent some Israeli assassins to kill us after that. And I wonder if Chairman's bravado is real also considering that she had to pee urgently after all the diplomatic talking.

It was like she could tazer the entire shop with her eyes. Very Cyclops-ish.

Feels good to know you have such friends that can kick ass for you when you need them. I mean I usually visualize myself with the superpowers but clearly one is not always the hero. True hero comes in the weirdest fashion. Skinny and with fake double eyelid stickers.

Remember Esther with great powers comes great responsibility and that is to stop reminding me of this painful encounter.

With all these emotions that day I thought one had had enough of the emotional roller coaster and it was time to find solace. UNTIL the next day my mum gave me an ultimatum and I found out she threw all my old children books without telling me.

Honestly the whole time I was thinking what the heck was she thinking?

How can anyone do that? Enid Blyton's titles are all bright and cherry to begin, who in the right mind will think of discarding them into a smelly bin?! I half cried and half ran to the main rubbish chute with hopes that I can salvage them but nope. It was too late. I came home late at night after studying so the rubbish was cleared already.

I didn't even have time to feel anger. Just acute sadness. My dad tried to make me feel better by telling me there was no real ECONOMIC LOSS can you believe he said that!?!?! WHAT?!! It sound so silly but I honestly thought for one mad moment, a person can truly feel both anguish and humor at the same time.

He told me it was just of sentimental value and that I was being childish and dramatic which I totally agree but that doesn't mean I STOP FEELING SAD
:( making sense is the last thing I really want to deal with.

They were my years of childhood. When I had nobody to play with, (I only have my sister 7 years later mind you and even then I wouldn't consider as playing with her more like fighting and constant sibling rivalry) when my parents left me to work and I was in my grandma's house they were like my best friends. I found them in box with ribbons you know?! They were a gift from my mum's boss who didn't know what to do with it since he had no kids. I still remembered opening the bloody box! All good things comes in a box with ribbons. God I'm crying and blabbing again...

Sigh I really don't know what to say. I'm not the weepy sort so shall just end this for now.

I think someday I might just might get over it ( I mean I'm not even angry with my mum any more) but for now its really like a part of me died or something.