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Lamenting the loss of Borders
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 @ 10/12/2011 04:54:00 PM

When news of Orchard Borders being officially closed broke out, I took it real bad. Today it hit me even harder. To begin my lamenting you must first understand the full story.

Now when people are stressed they do all sorts of things. When I'm stressed I either head to Botanics for a reflective jog or Borders for enlightenment.

Its so hard to get the right vibe elsewhere :(

Anyway the last time I tried to replace my previous haunt for PageOne @ Vivocity, irritation and partial dizziness hardly covers the experience.

PageOne arrangement of books and combination of distasteful Latin/ Bossa Nova music clashed badly with the space and ambience. Not only was the concept a poor ripoff of Kinokuniya homely style, the assortment of books was disagreeable. I felt trapped in the cross road of an edgy wanna be place with distracting music that irks me.

I felt horribly dizzy while searching for "The Man Who Died Laughing" and was repressing a strong desire to pass out. Urgh.

Today, left with the cool mist of after rain and bliss of the showers I decided to take a short break (alright I knew i would fall asleep no matter where I studied) so I followed my instincts and headed to Kinokuniya instead.

I can't say I'm completely in love but thank goodness the music was better. The shelves and categories still take time to get use to but the staff seems ok.

But they don't sell music! Why?! Books and music come hand in hand! Don't tell me to go to the awful CD store Gramophone downstairs the type of music sold there is painfully limited to be considered as

Alas, " The Night Circus", the book I was checking out on, wasn't that much of a letdown so I guessed it was bearable.

Missing the convenience and brightly lit feel of Borders but it is inevitable change the only consistency in life :(

P.s : go check out the 2 books I mentioned! worth a read! Will come up with reviews soon!