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Book review again: The Night Circus
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 10/18/2011 04:31:00 PM

So long folks I'm back again! For another book review hahaha don't you marvel at my excellent time management?

Right I actually leeched it off the shelves without having to buy it but oh well, if it's good it wouldn't escape my whiteshelf...

Now zoom to the book( supposedly living the hype of a cross of Harry Potter and Twilight novel) Erin Morgenstern is a good storyteller. Really. Too bad there isn't much of a story to tell.

The Night Circus is a wonderfully well written book with beautiful imagery in it and excellent amount of research done on the Arts of Magic. Sadly the tale fails to capture my attention because just as a magician's performance is entertaining, the trick behind it is so fairly simple. Behind the layers of illusions, the plot is far from satisfactory.

The fate of star-crossed lovers is so familiar...gah I'm sorry Erin but after devouring Strange Tales from Liaozhai your plot just pales in comparison.

However it's still much better than Twilight!! Haha at least the author put some effort to deliver. In love with the Victorian-ish era setting plus the cross narrations wasn't that bad.

But otherwise, its nooot that fantastic but not horrid either I guess. For people who appreciate vocabulary and decent description, it's the book for you! I was almost seduced by the carefully constructed prose but after awhile it got tiring to read when the story is not developing as much as I hoped.

P.s the cover art is very pretty too :)