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We're all mad here

Will you pay $3.90 for water?
Monday, June 6, 2011 @ 6/06/2011 06:00:00 PM

To begin this post, I must clarify first that I'm neither a fan or anti-fan of Joanne Peh. In fact, I hardly know much of any Mediacorp artistes since I never really watched a complete Channel 8 drama since "荷兰村"ended.

So when this article came up, I dismissed it without a thought, only to hear my mum debating about it over dinner time with my dad. LOL. Within a few minutes, I got tied into the discussion (why can't I ever eat in peace..) and I totally agreed with my mum at first, its really the restaurant at fault, but my dad do make some sense. Now, I am not so sure of what is what myself.

I know Joanne Peh claimed that it wasn't about the price of the water but rather the attitude/service of the Nando restaurant as a whole but it still strikes me as that was the ultimate tipping point for her - to get pissed, tweet about it and all...

So anyway, in a first look, here are the main reasons why I think Peh is right to get mad:

  1. $3.90 for water sounds ridiculous, since its not branded or anything. I wouldn't mind paying $5.90 for Coke in a posh place (in fact I did!) but for normal water (not Perrier not Evian) its a little overpriced, taking into account the location...

  2. She ordered food as well. For a decent drink to come along, how hard can it be?

  3. The cost of bottled water = $1.80 so why the large difference when its hot?

  4. Waiting time for food too long, waiting time for water equally long. LOL. No doubt get angry lah.

  5. People clapped at her when she stormed out. What a sarcastic insult.
However, thinking about it rationally, I came to the following conclusions that:

  1. Weighing this economically, its not hard to understand why. Some restaurants simply don't serve hot water. The extra cost of having it is just not worth it. In Shangri-La, I heard if you request for hot water, it comes with kettle and all. Shows how pretty troublesome it is.

  2. If hot water is not in the menu, it is just not in it. The restaurant reserved the rights to not serve I believe. Whether you ordered food is negligible.

  3. This is one I admit, is rather absurd. But I guess once again like point 1. - its the trouble of heating it up and extra services I guessed. Asking for hot water is like a special request already and the fact that the restaurant obliged, one should be thankful not thick-skinned.

  4. I ate at brotezit twice and waited 30mins each time for my baked rice. Mind you, the restaurant was empty too! My theory is this: If the food is really good, it is worth the wait :D.

  5. Should be misunderstanding lah. Where got such bizarre thing happening one?

Ultimately, I don't think that the customers is always right. Looks like a hungry Joanne is indeed an angry one.