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GE part III
Sunday, May 8, 2011 @ 5/08/2011 02:31:00 PM

WOW. What a day. What a night. I never felt more alive, never more Singaporean. To kick start the hot Saturday morning, I devoured all the GE news I’ve missed ( my dad and I have been fighting to read the ST times these days ) and took a walk back home from Holland V. Shortly after, before I even realized, it was time for NIKE RUN :D

HAHA THE RACE IS ON! And Zoey was off. We pig out too much before the race I must admit and suffered later on. :( A little disappointed by my timing of 38mins in 5km since its pretty far off my target of half and hour. Still, it’s a little comforting to note that even Zoey did not reach the mark! HAHA so does that mean my goal was actually rather unrealistic to begin with? Hmm I wonder….

I MET LOTS OF PEOPLE! 2 of my primary school friends (Sylvia and Qian Ning) turned out to be volunteers, my CJ seniors and 4 3Gones (Yishang, Nisa, Vivien and Darling partner!) happy happy :D Totally regret not bringing my camera!! How can I miss such an opportunity?! *mentally slap myself*

Well with slightly aching legs, I rejected the outing with my CJ seniors to catch WHAT ELSE?!? THE BIGGEST EVENT LAH! POLLING RESULTS OF 2011! WAH! WAH!

ChannelNewsAsia, Channel8 and Channel5 were all broadcasting it live at 9.30pm!! HAHA I must say I am impressed at the quality of the broadcast live…in fact, Channel8 & 5 did a good job! I like the presentation style more than ChannelNewsAsia! Maybe it has to do with the shrinking the screen a lot of time….HAHA my mum and I were pointing out all the not bad reporters and the lousy ones each time they came on screens to kill time.

Then at 0.01am THE FIRST RESULT WAS ANNOUNCED! By this man….

I got nothing to say about him except that he definitely er got a mixture of responses from me for such a short span of time he came on screen. I have to give it up for this man. Each time he came to announce the results he recited this loooooong list of formalities/legal stuff that really made me laugh/cry/irritated/exasperated/sleepy I mean honestly I don’t know what to say. HAHAHA I think I shall just settle for humor and join his Facebook fan page!!

“Persuant to Section 49, subsection 7E, paragraph A of the Parllimentary Election Act…”

I can even recite it by heart by the time he announced Mountbatten SMC (mind you which was one of the first few ok! even in my tired state of legs and mind…)

On a more serious note as everyone probably knows the results by now, I say lets give it a rest for now. The votes say it all.