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ge part IV
Sunday, May 15, 2011 @ 5/15/2011 09:44:00 PM

Someone please tell me this is not true. We are losing not just MM Lee but SM Goh all at one shot. I almost cried when I saw the news. How can we view this with optimism?!! More like skepticism.

If it is because of the GE results, I honestly dont see why they should be the ones leaving. 应该走的人不走。。。不应该走的人却离开了!

If this is because of being disconnected with youth, WTH?! This is really rubbish. MM leaving makes me feel even more disconnected with the PAP. At least from our MM, I can feel that he truly wants to bring Singapore to greater heights. Even though the policies at times are not popular, I sense that there is some sort of fighter spirit in him. Compared to the rest of younger MP these days... I get ZERO vibe from them.

If this is because of the comments made.... c'mon I have to give up to him being himself despite the looming threat of election. The character is consistent. To me, it actually made him humour and not some double-faced politicians.

Sigh... not to mention, SM Goh is the best looking PM we have by far!!

Oh wait the last point which I highly doubt so myself... if they are stepping down out of their own free will/age then I have nothing to say. Its their choice.

I shall re-read the Hard Truth with even more emotions now. My dad claims that I am too sentimental... :( WHAT IS THIS ?! HIS EXACT WORDS:

" Good that they step down like this.. not when suddenly one of them die, you see the Singapore stock market crashing the next day... at least now that everything is stable, its time for them to go! Only you so stupid, so sentimental."

Wah I cannot stand it! HAHA my dad really think of EVERYTHING IN economic sense.

On a separate note, I saw 186 BF in National Library today! I bet she went early to "chope" seats. Zoey and I were left we none. We had to go donwstairs instead :( oh well, at least I still managed to complete my work.