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Co-pilots, drivers and tigers
Wednesday, May 4, 2011 @ 5/04/2011 10:42:00 AM

Things are getting even more unpredictable! Especially when I woke up today and saw the headlines of the newspapers, I wonder if I am awake after all. PAP saying sorry!? Huh? Is that some kind of damage control after MM Lee remarks? Hmm seems like part of it for in actual fact it’s simply giving a more human side of PAP that admits their flaws and blunders.

Wow I must admit I’m feeling a teensy weensy bit moved. I mean the flooding in Orchard Road seems to me more like a work of nature but they can also take the blame. Government leh not God.
But then again the Mas Selamat fiasco is still fresh in my head. So I guess apologies are in order.

But I like MM Lee! He is cool :D Especially over the weekends, the talks from both parties are heating up! What co-drivers lah, tiger dens, and slapping hahaha but none tops the list for me is when MM Lee said the people in Aljunied if vote for Opposition will have “ 5 years to repent”. HA! WOAH he is no doubt MM LEE! Super direct and harsh! I like!! But it seems like the PAP these days are going for the softer approach… well whichever way works for them I guess.

THE MEDIA is super irritating these days. On normal days I give our newspapers 95% of my trust but during election period, you can tell it’s obviously leaning towards the Ruling Party! I mean so far none of the front lines have been solely based on the Opposition. Usually if you want to read more about them, you have to flip inside and yet very little coverage. Sian. Make me go online to OR Facebook. Pretty good for hearing opposing voices that is not mentioned anywhere else. Even ChannelNewsAsia which I thought was pretty reliable have a tendency of showing very few snippets of the Opposition rallies before cutting it and moving on to PAP. FWAH like that lah!

Tada some photos I took at the NSP rally on Sat. We headed to Whampoa and the crowd was quite strong!

But that is nothing! I repeat NOTHING compared to the one on Sunday at Yishun Stadium for the Worker's Party Rally. The crowd was electrifying.

HAHA you see the HDB flat at the background. On closer look there are actually people over there hearing the rallies too! :D

OK thats all for now on a non-election related post,


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