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Random hyper events of the GE part1
Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 4/30/2011 11:29:00 AM

The question is not surrounding who will win. There is no doubt that the Ruling Party WILL REMAIN the Ruling Party. But rather WIN BY HOW MUCH LAH? That’s right! Its Singapore GE2011! Stop everything you are doing now! Singapore has never been more exciting than ever! And I am so addicted to the GE election fever. True enough, I never like hearing news about Singapore’s politics (yawn boring…and it still is for some parts of it) but hey there are a series of events leading up to the hype!

1. Tin Pei Ling & Kate Spade & Nicole Seah.

In case you are all wondering who are the above here are some pics of them:

HAHA no it is not a beauty contest! As you know, TPL was caught posing with a branded bag and being a candidate for PAP caused a small uproar among unhappy people. Not only is she the youngest PAP candidate (27 years old) but a quick background check on her we realized her husband is Ng How Yue aka Principal Private Secretary to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.. Wah and guess what is their age difference? 10 years plus.

I know as much as you can say all these points are irrelevant to her calibre, her enthusiasm to work for the people etc… but I get the sense that people aren’t that convinced. We are biased everyone one of us! If it wasn’t the fact that she was a Crescentian HAHAHA (shock shock shock!) I think I wouldn’t have even noticed her. See its these kind of minor mundane details that draw our attention.

So anyway, you probably think that with the odds against her how to win? Guess what SM GOH is the one leading them in the Marine Parade GRC up against NSP who has Nicole Seah as poster girl. WAH! She is younger, prettier and her facebook page is more like a fan page. HA! The outcome is obvious but the distractions make the process fun!

2. The PAP candidate who suddenly back out and the even more unknown one who substitute him.

Now this one I didn’t pay much attention to but it just adds on to the hype and it happened simultaneously with the introduction of:

3. WP “A star” team Vs George Yeo and gang in Aljunied

Wah fight! Fight! This one sure is the MOST anticipated one of all. Honestly LTK left his Hougang territory to contest for a GRC with a group of decent people. Foreign Minister no doubt has to pull his socks up and do a good job! Both parties are strong this time round. George Yeo is at the upper hand but I will give WP credit for all they have done. Honestly, along with the blue umbrellas. I like!

OK! I shall now end here now! Will bring you more pictures I've taken after coming back from the rallies tonight! EXCITED :D At the meanwhile I wonder if Big Brother is monitering the Internet? That is a scary thought.