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Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 4/18/2011 09:55:00 PM

Oh no! I realized it has been quite some time since I have last blogged. Well, for now, my computer appears (note the use of the word “appears” ) healthy but soon again, I predict another trip to the hospital at Funan. =.= Thankfully, I have not reload my music yet.. ( which means I’ve been surviving for the same 345 songs in my iPhone for almost 2 months.)

Well, my life have been quite exciting!! Saturday was an eventful day for me!! Headed to VJC in the morning. I was dead exhausted but due to CCA commitments, what has to be done, has to be done.

SO I arrived tada! Turns out my unreliable president faked had MC and I was left with the rest. BUT, it was still fun! And more excitement happen when I met CHAIRMAN LMH yes! aka ESTHER :D:D and her HWA CHONG friends. Talk about being awkward. See, in a spur of a moment, Chairman and I, while reminiscing about old times, (yikes we sound so old, well for her at least, turning 18…fralalala I sang a Crescent version of happy birthday for her on the spot and caused the rest of her HC friends to LOL at me…anyway,) decided to go SHOPPING! So I dragged her out of her CCA outing and abandoned my own CCA outing and headed to *scape’s flea market.

I AM NOT A WEIRDO. I felt so bad for not remembering it, but to make up for all the lost time, we took a huge A4 size photo of only the 2 of us together and printed it on spot. ( wow, the advantage of meeting at Canon Expose ) Problem is, now that the picture is so friggin huge, after hanging on the wall for one day no wait 14hours, (I thought to myself, no this isn’t it) and hastily stash it at my memory box.

I do not regret going for the Crescent fun fair, despite initially planning to but at the last moment cancelling it. This was because I heard the rest of my gang ( sj fish,bel and yeh) didn’t turned up anyway due to succumbing to fatigue after 2.4km run. WTH!?! HAHAHA I mean sarah jane and fishy can run one leh! Bet they act tired only in front of guys hehe..

Well, my trip with Chairman concluded on the promise that we SHOULD meet up more often AND watch cue *drum rolls* . . . . NORWEGIAN WOOD TOGETHER !! YAYAY! I was actually thinking of having to force Zoey to watch with me leh! By that it means that I might have to offer to pay for her movie ticket just to have company.. fwah! Nobody I know likes to watch such shows anyway...

All the time that I didn’t have my computer with me, I wanted to blog about sooo many things ranging from Japanese authors to PAP and how pink coloured shirt suits PM Lee when he was on the talkshow “I want to ask my Prime Minister…” (just like how bowties actually makes MM Lee look good too :O not everyone look good in bowties!) Ok and on a more serious note a rather cool video I’ve watched called: President Guide’s to Science from BBC Horizon.

Bah. Now no mood to blog about all these already.. BUT I CAN TELL you more about the movie 单身男女! First and foremost some warning : I AM A BIASED VIEWER (specifically against Louis Koo) :D it’s not that I dislike him but I just prefer Daniel Wu a lot more plus, his character was super detestable in the film. Oh and might have spoiler ahead.

AHHH! The movie was enjoyable only for the first 1 hour of the show, after that everything went downhill!! So much potential and then poof!! Why?! Why Johnnie Toh? Why? The story is fairly simple enough, I won’t go into details just see the movie poster you can tell what kind of story it is already.. The leads were eye-candy material too but after a while, it still wasn’t good enough to save the rest of the show. I mean, the story is already a DUH! But at least make the characters believable/likeable/impactful.

FWAH! I was literally bursting with frustration throughout the entire movie… first with my strong dislike for Louis Koo and then it moved on to hating the girl for her fickle-mindedness ( I MEAN COME ON THE DANIEL WU CHARACTER TREATS YOU SO NICE WHY YOU STILL SO BLIND? ROAR!! What is this?!?! He cook for you, make magic for you, build buildings for you still not enough!?!? ) hahahaha the whole time while I criticize the movie, my mum was criticizing me for 1. Being so restless for watching. 2. Disliking Lousis Koo. HA! She and Jiali thinks he is better looking… YUCKS. Daniel Wu wins hands down.

I spent the first hour of my show enjoying it, half and hour cursing it, half and hour cringing at it and the whole time praying she ends up with the Daniel Wu character.

:D I just cannot feel for the Louis Koo character. I understand the director was going for the 男人不坏女人不爱 concept for him but c’mon his character was WAY too much of a jerk….(should learn from the Korean drama directors how to make such characters jerk like but still to die for) that I cannot understand him. And the fact that Louis Koo was the one acting makes it doubly hard for me to sympathize his actions. Alright to give him some credit, at least his cheesy lines didn’t made me cringe as bad as Daniel Wu, to a certain extent, I guess he sounded ok. I mean when he expressed his love for the female lead my reactions were “ OMG SAY NO! DON’T END UP WITH HIM!” but when the Daniel Wu character uttered his love declaration I was like “ OMG why his accent spoils the romantic feel to the lines…” followed by immediate hair standing…

I guessed I should just stick to my HongKong mafia movies..