To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

Saturday, February 19, 2011 @ 2/19/2011 12:06:00 AM

Ok to the dying readership: please do not die out!

Due to the highly packed days, I hardly even on my computer. Even if I do, its really to get quick entertainment from Running Man and thats about all. I rarely read the newspapers too....

Gah, I hate my current lifestyle!! (How can one skip newspapers!) NEED CHANGE! Shall move on to the films these days which seems quite promising.

Anyway, for those who havent watched the Black Swan, its not really as good as it seems. Personally, I felt that its not really worth the hype. Ok it wasnt a bad movie but just above average. Not particularly splendid.

To be honest, it was a rather normal story of a ballerina's tragic transformation into her character in the play. Like finding her dark side and completely losing herself to perform till perfection. Add in the strong visual effects, moderate amount of gore and sex and there you have it. Alright, to give it some credit, Natalie Portman's acting was pretty good though..

ON THE OTHER HAND, I am more interested in The King's Speech.

Haha :D this one seems to have more substance, (Black Swan is really more of a stylish film...) better script and from what I heard, witty dialogues among the characters which is something I always enjoyed! So hoping I can watch this instead soon!