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We're all mad here

Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 1/23/2011 01:23:00 PM

There is something I like to share. See this : ( no its not virus its a newspaper article)

Initially, my reactions towards this news was one of great shock and doubts. I mean c'mon! Don't you think its really waaaaay too absurd for such a thing to happen in reality? Jumping into a river (and not JUST any river), but the Yellow River! No joke. And for what? As the headlines states, a BMW. Sounds like some scene from a Korean Drama isnt it? *cues Temptation of the Wife OST*

Reading on, my thoughts moved from "OMG what the heck" to " LOL what the hell.." I mean if you imagine the scenario, 2 mistress arguing for a BMW ( please note BMW not the man! ) and in order to prove their love for the BMW ( you don't really believe their thinly veiled excuse of their love for Wang do you? ) they 跳进黄河。

Literally, a " you jump I jump" scene.

Then come lucky Passer-by A who rescued the women and ended up receiving a reward by Wang who arrived to the scene with the wife.

FWAH WIN! 大老婆 come and 臭骂 the 2 mistress plus demanded that the BMW is hers. HAHAHA making their dramatic acts of love, really in vain.

Ok thinking about this seriously, I really sympathised all 3 women. I'm totally staring at a materialistic world, like it or not, this sort of thing really exist. And you've just witnessed it in one of the most extreme level. There are a lot of issues brought up here and I think honestly, I'm glad I am not in their position. Made me cherish all that I have. ( including my dad's BMW :D ) Laughing at them is one thing, learning from them is another. Will you jump for a BMW?

On a different but not entirely separate note, don't you think this is a good advertisement for BMW? HAHAHAHA :D

*Flash a shiny new BMW car shot across the scenic Yellow River, glistening under the sunlight.

Tag line comes up : 为了它我愿意... then feature gorgeous model jumping for it.

OMG ITS SUCH A GOOD ADVERT, based on true story somemore! BMW will make tons.