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We're all mad here

Thursday, January 6, 2011 @ 1/06/2011 08:37:00 PM

AHH everyone go watch 英雄本色 now!!

HAHA it got everything I like! The original one not the Korean remake! Let there be A Better Tomorrow!

( Searched damn hard for the Mandrain tittle of this poster..)

I realised I've watched the sequel but never the first one so I begged my mom to get it for me and I have no regrets!

Just 5 min of the show and you will understand why its so my type :D

Gangsters? Check.

Sunglasses? Check.

Black-flappy Trench coat? Check.

Heroic Bloodshed? Check.

Smoking in a heck-care lung cancer manner? Check.

Fwah and I even remembered a few lines from the movie.... Those were really quite impactful with the way the characters delivered them.

Ken 哥(played by 曾江) :做人要有原则,什么事就不怕!要坚持!*then proceeds to spits out blood after being punched by baddies)


Tse-Ho (played by Ti Lung) :你相信神吗?

Mark 哥(played by Chou-Yun Fatt) :相信。我就是神。如果能把握自己的一切就是神。(something along that lines lah....)

Tse-Ho looks at him with a pained expression before saying:有些事,不是一定能自己把握的。 

YES! And all the actors were soooo young back then! Leslie Cheung was still alive and not gay! He actually had a kissing scene and I think if he was still alive, I'll definitely vote him to be one of the 天王。

HAHA :D Have A Better Tomorrow!