To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

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Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 1/01/2011 12:53:00 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I AM EIGHTEEN!! MUHAHAHA 2011 here we come!! Did you spent it with your loved ones?

Short message from me : To everyone! May your 2011 be filled with excitement, madness and wonders that even you can hardly imagined. Dye your hair! Kiss a girl! Kiss a guy! Kiss a bi! Strike lottery! Win in poker! Lose 10kg! Gain 20kg! Get high! Get low! Get depressed! Get drunk! Learn to drive! And of course never lose sight of your goals.