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Boardgames on Hari Raya
Sunday, November 28, 2010 @ 11/28/2010 01:16:00 PM

Remember I went out with my Yeh Chi and gang on Hari Raya? Hehehe ok I'm finally posting pictures. According to Yeh Chi's ultimate plan it consists of : a stroll in the river plan,lunch and boardgames by the quay :D good planning eh?! What else can I expect from an OGL + House Leader hahahaha the outing was a success :D except for 超级失望 dino aka Kristy who didn't turn up... ROAR!

We were lucky on that day too, there was some sort of event at the shopping mall and they were handing out free cotton candy! Weehee :D

Well actually, it was only Ester who was excited about it at first, Yeh Chi only to be completely won over later on. Ask her to cam-whore but she focus on food most of her pictures end up looking like this..
I AM THE PINK COTTON MONSTER!! RAWR watch me mesh two cotton candy into one!! HAAA she regretted it later on though...the consequence of being a pig... Yeh Chi totally took Belinda's share :D

Hehe only Janice came and took picture with me!! HAHA Ester and Belinda was too engrossed in the teddy bears exhibition :O

Group photo :))) Belinda looking exactly the same! Janice now with cooler bangs, Yeh Chi the would-be-future-leader and Ester in her "daring clothes" ( as mentioned countless of times throughout the whole day by Yeh haha :D ) which is actually good for me since I was hoping she wouldn't bugged me about my long dress :D .