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Saturday, October 16, 2010 @ 10/16/2010 01:58:00 PM

Fwah my posts consist of tons of reviews these days.

Introducing.... a new book I got from Borders yesterday!

YES here it is...... I AM NUMBER FOUR!

It is a good read for someone STILL sick in bed. I was suppose to have CCA lunch today but turns out I rejected it in a last min decision due to my UNRECOVERED SORETHROAT ! ROAR! ok I admit, a little bit of it was due to me wanting to complete the last 100 pages of this book. Tehehe. And the weather is so friggin hot.

I am slightly regrettable towards the turn of events but nevertheless after completing the book, I think it might be worthwhile (?)

Ok quick summary before I launch my criticism missiles/sent my love for the book.

Genre: Sci-fic with slight romance (bordering to Twilight BUT not as absurd/Byronic) and there is action.

Teenager boy, John, is not who he is or how he appears to be. Turns out to be an alien from another world, with superhuman powers trying to blend in with human population. ( Sounds Edward Cullen here right but please bear with it.) His planet was under attack from some kind of other aliens and now they are on Earth and so is he, trying to kill the remaining survivals-9 of them, him included and take dominate the planet.... Of course, in the process he falls in love, found himself attached to others when he is not suppose to, having to keep low profile and learns more about the mystery of his past. ( the parts when he revealed his true self was totally like order to rescue the girl of his dreams he had to resort to his superhuman strength abilities sounds familiar? cough dent truck scene-) Ultimately, creating enough attention to attract the bad aliens who then come and attack him.

Phew. Now I said it. I couldn't help adding my own remarks on some parts, it may seems biased against the book but hey ACTUALLY, the book is not bad!

Here's the thing, I really loathe science fiction ( and I still loathe it now) but the action bits of the book is what makes it worth reading for me. Honestly and if there is anything more that I hate is anything that reminds me of Twilight ( come on shoot me Twi-hard fans! ) but this "I Am Number Four" makes it quite bearable...

James Frey and Jobie Hobes are both brilliant authors afterall :D. I mean who doesn't know James Frey after his little fiasco with Oprah regarding his book " A Million Little Pieces"- the notoriety did attract my attention at that time. Now that he is collaborating with Hughes, writing this book under the pseudonym Pittacus Lore( who is supposedly another elder alien) , it is hard not to feel the creative juices of writers.

So you should read it too! The fighting scene is pretty exciting in the end. I imagined the Mogadorians (bad aliens) to look as if a little like Death Eaters while Lorican ( the good species of aliens which has superpowers) look golden and heroic. Chimeras are included in this story too and as I read the book, my highly imaginative mind was busy visualizing the battle when it broke out in the school (spoiler!) and John the main hero using his superpowers in full blast like those in Marvel Comics...( he has the same power as the fire guy in Fantastic Four...)

I admit the plot is nothing original BUT it was well-put together, definetly capturing my attention in Borders and before realising it I brought the book and damn it was another series book! I really dont want to chase for the upcomign sequels...but it was too late before I realise that...

Whatever! Just dont watch the movie. Roar if its another thing I can't stand is sci fic movie omg.... there are hardly any good ones please. Besides, films kill the imagination.