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Thursday, August 12, 2010 @ 8/12/2010 11:25:00 PM

Thursday which is today is an EXCITING DAY!

HAHA there is both good and bad stuff happening... But still, so far I prefer to have selective memory and only remember the good parts HAHA! :D

Went for Night Study with two friends- Clarie and Debra! SUPER FUNNY! School ended at 5pm. Mad dash to Coronation to eat dinner before the OFFICIAL MUGGING START!

FWAH the thai food there IS FANTASTIC!! ( After eating there, Thai Express is nothing! I repeat NOTHING!!! ) Although I want to recommend it to you guys but honestly, I have no idea where exactly is the location hehe I just followed my two friends around there :D! Its near the Starbucks at Coronation Plaza there, just walk around and you probably can spot it! Although the exterior looks abit unappealing initially JUST TRY THE NOODLES you will be so won over by it !! HAHA :D

Having to eat decent food was not the only part of the exciting day. Getting to bath at THE BEST TOILET EVER in the college is another bonus point muhahaha! Can you believe it?! There are actually heaters in the toilet!! YES! Because school ended with PE and we stink from all the lousy football-ing ( yes it is football this time felt like rock climbing all over again- ewww. ) so we headed to shower in this supposedly " secret" toilet. All so smooth sailing right?! And we even managed to "chop" an air con room to study from 7 till 10pm! Just reached home not long ago before I started blogging.

OK! Still, I have a lot of things to do!! GAH! Stress level is still not decreasing although of course the good things that happened sure helped to lift up my spirits!! ALL IS NOT LOST YET!!

The bad part in the air con room. It all begins there.

Okay, we know its too good to be true but we always thought that those rooms allowed students to do self study there. TURNS OUT WE WERE WRONG!! And a teacher came to questioned us if we are accompanied by another teacher in order to stay in the room. OF COURSE NOT LAH! So we made up some cock and bull story and told him have, waiting for our Chemistry teacher blablabla and he trusted us and walk away.









No he didn't when to check up on the reliability of our tale but rather........................WE GAVE OURSELVES AWAY!!

let me explain here:


So naturally we thought " ah these are the same kind so when we speak, the people outside can hardly hear us... " HOW WRONG WERE WE! After like 10 mins left of Night Study ( 9.50pm) we realise that every bit of our conversation can be heard clearly from outside....

*dies of embarrassment* BECAUSE WE CALLED THE TEACHER- BADDIE( just when he was in close proximity too).... and it was so frequent as in each time he walk past we will be like : " hey baddie is here baddie alert!" and we said like " oh he showing us a look of distaste" OMG! HE CAN HEAR IT ALL!! And worst still, my friend when plotting to come up with the cock and bull story said something along the lines of " hey he's coming!! say what say what... " and so on when he was right outside!!

AHHHHHHH!! But he didnt expose us except well, continued on with his look of distaste each time he walked past us.( and we thought that he has issues with us!! ) SUPER EMBARASSING!! HE OVERHEARD OUR ENTIRE CONVERSATION ABOUT HIM.. die.


Oh and the above are just random photos I took during National Day. Dont ask me why but I just felt like posting it especially the last photo my favourite!