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kino and borders Fight!
Thursday, August 19, 2010 @ 8/19/2010 11:18:00 PM

Ok ok super random but instead of procrastinating I shall do it now!

On 186 BF's behalf, FRIDAY WAS EXCITING TOO :D ! HEHE its always nice to keep in contact ( hint hint where are my other friends?) Still, I realise the difference between Kino and Borders!

With the obvious fact that Borders is more "angmoh" to begin with, Kino isnt too bad itself. Its quiet Japanese style is strangely captivating. Now here is the difference of Borders and Kino:

1. Upon stepping into Borders, one gets a sense of PURPOSE. You look around and ALL the books seems to be calling out to you as you view them on the nice white plastic shelves. There is a sense of sophistication and chic in the layout of the place and there are rows and rows of books/magazine/guides all for you to choose placed neatly as you explored. The place is brightly lit and at random spots, you may find yourself a squishy armchair to bury yourself in the reading.


2. You step into a strange place like some therapy kind of room whereby everything seems to be welcoming but you don't know what to pick. There are all kinds of reading material nearby to one another, almost as if cluttered in a not so organized yet pleasing to the eye kind of feeling. There is no rows no column distinctively labelled but rather allow one to walk around and explore everything. The light is dim and you are easily distracted. Very Asian, very homely.


HAHA and now to tell you what we did!!

186bf recommended me some mee sua at ion.. COOL RIGHT?! I never knew ION sells mee sua at a rather reasonable price too! :D:D her ways of cutting costs in life is remarkable one should hear from her tips more often to remain rich!

MUHAHAHA. And then, after some random chat which is quite funny + mean but still, perfectly normal we headed of to KINO in a state of fluster :) it is then when she showed me a place where I can read books without buying browse books and also recommended me an intriguing book on Polaroids + short stories combined in one! Personally I like that book! Nice pictures and easy Chinese words :D short too I must say! And its quite reflective.

So, while she read her other "self help" Chinese book, I sat and read that book and Ian Mcewan's Amsterdam!

Mind blowing! And without knowing, we spent almost an hour(?) or more there :) NICE!

ARENT YOU ENVIOUS OF ME?!?! HAHA its hard to find quite time these days to read. That was a rare moment! Of course, I learn many new things about Kinokuniya too along the way but I am still not convince of its superiority over Borders. I mean c'mon its more expensive and SOME books are still wrapped up :D:D

kk I must sleep now or else more problems are sure to arise. Night!