To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


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REALITY is a bitch
Sunday, July 4, 2010 @ 7/04/2010 07:50:00 PM

OKAY! How's life everyone? Hope you are still surviving well? Unlike myself who seems to be suffering from slight depression..

It always happens whenever there is a long weekend and I "enjoy" myself too much. When all mundane stuff comes back aka reality the bitch aka back to school feeling, I feel really hollow inside. The thought of facing the school days all over again sigh, its not really appealing isn't it?

However, I kept telling myself that only by doing this, life gets more meaningful so the pain is worthwhile. Or else one just becomes a useless bum with no purpose for existing.

Really sickening but cannot be help. Time is merciless.

As you can see from the above, I was obviously shopping with my shopaholic friend :D who ended up painting her nails Germany colours! FWAH who then proceeds to win! 4-0! Kristy the investment was worthwhile! Since I was broke, I only managed to buy bling bling hairband which I place it on my head that day immediately after purchase!

On a better note, although I cant really say I enjoyed my 17 birthday ( hey it fell on a bloody exam week) I felt slightly more loved than usual :))

A big thank you to my close friends for those heartwarming messages/actions, a thank you to friends who left sincere wishes on my Facebook wall ( an astonishing number of people! ) and of course to people who I don't really know or care and yet left me wishes of no value vandalising my FB wall well, I have nothing to say to you.

Especially memorable was Birdfriend remarkable act! Darling Partner's long SMS ( I dont care I'm going to assume that is the longest message you sent for a person and be smug about it) and humorous Yeh Chi's silly message that I didn't know whether to laugh or kill her. Also to my long list of sitting partners since primary school, whom I happen to be close to ALL of them ( Cassandra, Sylvia, Esther and Ester) wow! we have come a long way indeed and all of you didn't forget!

My 老爸 flew to China just yesterday and I'm rather upset now. I was hoping to spent some time with him since my examinations has ended ( maybe play a few rounds of Chinese Chess or something ) but he just left abruptly! I only found out the day before. And we were betting on the Brazil Vs Netherlands game! GOSH! HE IS GOOD CAN!! GUESS CORRECTLY LEH! I was super impressed! (luckily I didn't bet with him manz!)

Other than that, the slight insomnia Ive been suffering from these days adds to my current state of depression plus I'm eating durian now so my internal "QI" is getting stronger!


OH! I went to watch a movie over this weekend! Guess?

YEP its 枪王之王!Directed by none other than Derek Yee! The guy who brought us Protege! Since its not a gangster show, I wasn't expecting any cool moves/shot. In fact I have no idea what the show was about because BFs just brought the ticket without me. =.=

Turns out this movie is abit more drama like, focusing more on being a psychological thriller based on the long onscreen time of the characters expression/inner thoughts. Interesting use of some shooting effects to add more "feel" to the character at times though I wasn't quite too sure if I like it or not..

Overall, the impression given was to shed some light about the complex mind of the serial killer ( Louis koo character cant remember the name) who after being portrayed by Louis Koo turned out to be not so complex after all. Really cold acting on his part. I don't know why but he had this constipated face throughout the entire movie supposedly to look sadistic/cool/murderous/evil/whattheshit I have no idea. I thought he was much better in Election 2 as "Jimmy"(see can remember his name in this movie). That role left me with a stronger image of him than this.

And I haven't even add in my biased impression of him yet! HAHA! He pales in comparison to Daniel Wu!! *Fwah!! Totally model looks + height + cool* ! Sadly BFs don't agree with me :( they like the Louis Khoo more say he is more good looking.. Their eyes stick stamps one lah!

In fact if you watch New Police Story, 新警察故事 Daniel Wu who act as the baddie was SO much more IMPRESSIVE! He had this real look of evil ! Those burning eyes and maniacal laughter... *shudders*

Everything else was *cough* acceptable. We must remember that this is a Hong Kong not Hollywood produced thriller. The director did not keep us in suspense for long, we knew that Louis Koo's character was the 坏人from start. What I didn't like was the way the film concluded. The case was solved shabbily by the involvement of some guy who is like the 高人 in 武侠小说. Felt a bit cheated seeing all the development leads to this kind of conclusion.

OH! I want to say that everyone else played their parts quite well! Li Bing Bing and Charlene Choi :D as the psycho killer girlfriends.. Complicated right?! What are the chances that 2 girls fall for a psycho killer?

And do you know who is he? I think he is one of a under-appreciated actors in the film industry! Got talent but due to lack of looks and roles he often plays ( comedic/side kick kinds) he rarely gets to be the main lead. But I think he is good !

HAHA! But I can kind of understand why directors choose him to act such roles. With a face like his, its hard to act the heroic characters :D