To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 6/19/2010 09:30:00 PM

Ok so I admit, I've been really lazy these days. And I meant really lazy. Often signs like :

- Not doing homework
- Not studying
- Not blogging
- Not exercising
- Not going out
- Not even bothering to bath for A day...
- Not brushing teeth properly....

Ever since returning back from camp, I have a HIDEOUS pimple outbreak + break down of built-in clock in my body which is the main cause of all the above mentioned laziness I felt this week.

Basically I spent most of my time:

1. Re-reading old books

2. Waking up and sleeping during the oddest moments.

3. Watching random videos.

So the only productive thing that happened so far this week was my outing with THE CLIQUE!

Yehchi planned it all and I was really impressed! ( Ok, kinda.. she should have some credit) I realise we could all still chat like old times which is really good :D ! HAHAHA Yehchi and Belinda really compliment one another. One blabs and the other agree readily.... BEST SILLY COUPLE AWARD GOES TO THEM :D

HAHAHA it was super funny to see it all over again!! ( I doubt yehchi reads my blog anyway so it should be okay to put it like this here... hehe but if you are I LOVE YOU!! MWAKS I am complimenting you hor! ) She just has this imagination so Yeh-ish all the time! And the funniest thing is that Belinda at times just follows! LIKE FWAH!

(Yeh Chi in her element..Classic pose. I dont know what is worse in Ester's lousy camera photos...My unglamness or Yeh's unexpected actions... )

Janice and I were the only two fools who overdressed! Like totally. Only we wore dresses while believe it or not the SILLY COUPLE pair wore matching "couple-like" clothes! =.=. Basic until cannot basic anymore. Hangten clothes with shorts/Bermudas.. I dont even know what is that!

(Just by this candid shot, if you don't get what the Yeh-ish feel is, this is totally it! )

I felt so ridiculous standing next to them.. and I actually thought because this outing was planned by YehChi she would hae at least but in some effort to look great BUT NO! she has to turn up like like like that.. instead.

Playing card games at the SkyPark over Vivocity! The weather was PERFECT! The wind blew on my dress exactly the way its suppose to look ( LIKE IN MVS!! ) and if it wasnt for my HIDEOUS pimple I would have shot ALOT of photos of myself. PIAK! Enough about myself. The others were really thankful for the fantastic weather too YehChi admitted there was a teeny weeny flaw in her plan if it raine= Don't know what to do next..

Picture of lovely sky. :)

Picture of lovely clouds :)

Picture of lovely weather.

Picture of lovely sea + undone Universal Studio + weather.

Picture of Random construction plus lovely weather.

Another picture of the lovely sky...

Ok I should stop being idiotic if you are interested to see more of this go see ester's album....Plenty of this nonsense..stupid Ester why does she has so many unnecessary weather shots and so few pictures of US? Try guessing the album tittle...GAH...its called clique outing with less than 3% of the pictures consisting of actually human beings..

NEVERMIND >.> I LEARN 2 NEW CARD GAMES!! MUHAHAHAHA so proud of myself! SlapJack and Indian Poker! We played until quite high-at least for me when I started being competitive, the glam level just drop to -10% I was shrieking the entire time because SOME PEOPLE JUST IGNORE ME!! HAHA Belinda especially :P but it was part of the skills required in the game lah..

Anyways if there was an award ceremony to be given for respective couples on THECLIQUE! outing it will go something like this:

*cues Drum Roll*

BEST DUMB COUPLE: YehChi & Belinda ( wins hands down... )
BEST SQUABBLING COUPLE: Esther and ahem Me! (we quarreled nonstop wait correction she quarrel I win :D)
BEST AT LOSING GAMES: Kristy and Ester ( Two words: Slow reflexes!)
BEST TABLE MANNERS: Janice and Kristy. ( They talk and eat at the same time and still look decent! )
Aren't you happy award winners?! HEHE although I cant say so for the losers aka Kristy and Ester had to risk their pride and do a dare.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT WAS THE BEST IRONIC PART? Initially the dare was planned out by one of the losers not expecting herself to lose but in a sudden twist of events *cues action music* A CHANGE OF FATE! Ester plotted against Kristy suggesting that losers for the games must take a photo with random good looking (optional) guy and post on Facebook!

Oops! I forgot to add on Blogger too! MUHAHAHAHAA LOSERS! SUPER SUPER SUPER Funny the way they carried out the dare! Janice, Me, Belinda and YehChi really laughed like mad while watching on the side lines!! MUHAHAHA! I can only feel for the losers...really deserve my sympathy...truly pathetic losers hahahaa.
Anyway inside joke here to all the desperate people or just mainly Ester and Kristy: There is always the music guy! HA!
But I must say, the two losers really did know how to keep us, the viewers, on our toes... their target turned out not to be anyone we predicted or discussed at first!! Plot twist! I love it! Although rejection was pretty funny too initially! OK! Enough laughter at their expense! This post sounds pretty mocking but hey at least I blogged! My last for this month I think... :(
P.S Shimin!!! I MISS YOU! Got some super weird dream of you and my primary school friends along with Esther Lee Mei Hui..actually it was more of a nightmare because we were escaping from terrorists.. I suspect the dreams are making me tired even with sufficient hours of sleep.