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We're all mad here

Overspent. Way over.
Sunday, May 30, 2010 @ 5/30/2010 08:33:00 PM

For 16 years I always have no problem with money. Honestly. No serious problem. I don't overspent and I'm actually more conscious on my funds than it seems like it. Every month, I spent about $250 including transport which means actually I have about only $210 to spent. BUT FOR THIS MONTH (MAY) I SPENT A TOTAL OF $493... Something is wrong somewhere!

Lets break down and see:

01/05: Standard withdrawal of $50 to spent on food-daily needs
04/05: $30 on transport. Reasonable.
15/05: $4.99 to buy new pencil case at Borders and another $11 on the same day for some shit. Can't remember..gosh Birdfriend can you? I know you were there with me!! And then again later withdrawn another $50 due to lack of funds in the wallet. Used it to pay for taxi and food to treat CCA friends.....and then spent away on food later on I guess (?) for days to come.

6 days later...

I WITHDRAWN another $100 bucks! What the heck! WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT FOR? Happen 7 days ago from today... why on earth do I need so much money?!?! THIS IS THE WEIRDEST PART! I cannot remember where this money friggin fly to! SUPER ANGRY WITH MYSELF BECAUSE I CANT REMEMBER WHAT I PAID!!!! okay maybe in between I brought...

-A new top for $11
-Tickets to mel's concert $12
-Dining with the people $30+ (?) includes buying flowers and Macs later on.
-AND WHAT NOW ?! $40 is still missing!!!

than 2 days later I know already... $76.96 was for celebrating Zoey birthday. Pretty okay because it includes food ($20) and kbox ($30) and a combined present ($10) and some remainder.

26/05: I took out ANOTHER $50 to spent on school stuff. Acceptable. Consists of guidebooks and stationery and film so quite okay I guess.... but what happen to the REMAINDER?!

27/05: Money for contact lens which I paid myself. $40 taken out. $5 dollar remainder leh?!

29/05: A total amount of $85 spent on shopping. Hehe BUT HEY people own me money! Zoey-$10 Birdfriend-$7 and Dino-$3.40 sooooo shopping only account for $64.50 which is quite ahem sensible since I brought 4 sets of clothes from the GSS.

SO NOW ITS A HEFTY $493 gone to nothing! ROAR! Exceeded my budget of $300 for once and I don't even know what I purchased! GOSH is not like this month I buy a lot of things only since yesterday once GSS is on! but all my cash has almost disappeared already!!! What on earth! Damn pissed with myself now because this month june is suppose to be the time where my money is put into good use and now!! WHAT IS THIS!!


Sigh how to save money? Bring on the shackles! I bet all of it has gone to food.... which only adds on to the fats alreadyon me. ROAR! Me shall not eat.

And I still want to buy:

-Top- one only I SWEAR!
- Paint toe nails
-Eat dinner with cliquie + watch a movie

Self control I have lost you, please come back now!