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Monday, May 24, 2010 @ 5/24/2010 04:55:00 PM

Ok here is my weekend story.

Friday: Got super lost trying to find Bras Basah Complex after school. Circled SMU three times and the MRT itself twice. Finally got there through self-motivation ( I literally talked to myself after walking aimlessly, carrying a huge bag and files, sweating non stop) and spent $37 in Popular and $14 buying photo film. Birdfriend decides to abandon me and as I lugged my new books and stationary home.

The vicious cycle of finding the Bras Basah MRT station started all over again and I felt completely sore upon reaching home...

And then along with my family we spent a rather artsy evening together in Singapore Arts Museum and some exhibition hall. Seriously, Singapore niche art scene was more interesting than imagined. Walking along the some lane of Victoria Street/Empress Street by sheer luck, encountered the Singapore Arts Museum which was having free admission and along the way Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts which were displaying some brilliant work... NOT BAD LEH!

Basically you don't need to take art to understand most of the exhibition. Well at least in my opinion, I formulated my own interpretations. HEHE. Don't follow my examples. It was Jia Li's first time in a museum and she was so amazed by everything that she read all the information printed on the walls.

Sometimes, having a younger sister makes me more childish than I should be... said that because I participated in a pillow fight with was part of the exhibition! I bet the artist too wanted to re-create his/her lost childhood memories..No pictures here for obvious reasons. How can anyone look good while fighting?! I was screaming half the time the pillows hit me squarely on the face.

Saturday: Leadership training camp in the morning! I am quite pleased with the group :D Called ourselves EXOTHERMIC because we have so much energy :))) and then rushed home to study after all the bonding and icebreakers.... HAHA our group members consisted of 7 guys and 5 girls- all of us are quite full of crap so its quite funny except one guy who kept emoing in a corner but I hope my 4 days spent in some ulu-snake-filled- campsite will be worthwhile...

AND THEN LATER THE BIG NIGHT! HAHA first time being the organizer, I must be honest to say it was GREAT no more like ASTRONOMICALLY AWESOME. I am so pro I know. Everyone who was suppose to be there turned up, unchanged, those predicted to be late were still late :( but overall enjoyable :D. Missed Jasmine like crazy she looked much prettier now! (Not that she wasn't in the past but prettIER now.) EVERYONE IS STILL THE SAME! 186bf outdone herself and her nonsense by uttering the word "noob" in 3 out of 5 sentences she spoke to me.... Whatever I AM NOT A NOOB! Ester was still the same except now in shooting!! FWAH! SHOOTING DON'T PLAY PLAY! :D Pictures are not with me yet... shall upload the moment I get my hands on it.

Melissa is firm! No matter what she wears, what she does, Melissa-ness is imbibed in her! 186bf and I had other distractions too....*cough* Lumiere!! MUHAHAHA!

Sunday: It's Zoey's Birthday celebration!! I swear her muscles are getting larger each time I see her! :D. Lunched at NYDC and sang at a quite cool KBOX! Zoey displayed a few erm fanciful(?) no more like OUTRAGEOUS dance moves almost hitting me in the face while singing! Dancing Queen and Lady Gaga got her damn high and so did Spice Girls' Wannabe which got everyone quite high! Imagine that era! OMG! Our parents were once in it! GAH!

Of course not without camewhoring...

HAHA I got a shot of Shimin unglam picture!! Super funny! While being erm "raped" by kaimin I was busy being paparazzi when she suddenly burst and said something like: " Omg don't upload to facebook! My mum will see! I added my mum as friend! " HAHAHAHA right! But she didnt say blogger :P... Pardon the blurry photos obviously Kaimin's fault LAH! Except the last one taken by photographer me...

And even more camwhoring....

( they had 10 pictures altogether! To ensure that my blogger don't lack I just took the first and last photos of them together...isn't that smart of me?! )

I swear this picture of KM just look damn wrong. But she insisted so what can I do? I am just a humble photographer :D

Ok that's all for now. Not my kind of blog post but the need to take down what happen is pressing. In case more things are going to happen next leaving me with tons of post...