To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


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Craazzy weeek
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 @ 4/07/2010 08:07:00 PM

I've been doing so many PW related stuff that today post will be also in point form just like my PI in PW.

Random headings :
- Msn is useful.
- Tuesday met birdfriend who also proves to be useful.
- Tablet PC is getting on age. Takes awhile to see the blue power on colour. Scared me to death on Sunday by feigning death.
- Dad's going to be overseas for 10 days.

Okay now to talk about each above points in more details :

Ever since my addiction to facebook in March- (I've stop being addicted already.. its harmful to health ) I have stop using msn for a really long time. Until the arrival of project work, I realise outsourcing is important :D

I chatted with my Primary School mate for more than an hour. We helped one another on our PW, she was my sitting partner too for P6 and at first I thought it was going to be really awkward seeing that we haven't talk for four years but it turn out to be a success! I guess you never know how long friendship can lasts!

Then just this morning, in a desperate attempt to complete the last three points of my PI, I logged on to MSN unknowingly and surprise surprise 186bestfriend was there at 5.45am. OMG! Instant high greeting I receive early in the cold morning. It was super funny!! I CANT BELIEVE I PLAYED UNO AND MINESWEEPER IN THE CRACK OF DAWN. (Thought it was part of a dream until I started losing really badly in Minsweeper 25-9 and became frustrated!) :D Idiot Trixy she won me in both games.... I bet she secrectly plays everyday and then wakes up early in the morning and find random blur targets ( like me! ) to bully. No wonder can win me lah. Its either that or she cheats.

And then later at 6.15pm Yanping came online! Another OMG moment. From that moment onwards I was

a) Completing my PI
b) Desperatly trying to win in UNO
c) Absorbing all the advices bridfriend gave.

Talk about multi-tasking in before daybreak. Rush out of house in a fluster.

MOVING BACKWARDS<<<<>+ Study for econs test which I did not. Slept at 11.30pm and vicious cycle continues.

Tuesday, meeting birdfriend felt like therapy. Every time I meet someone close from outside school feels like therapy for me. Its like finding balance in my new chaotic JC life. I can say anything I want freely, without having much worries. I guess my stand about change does not apply in my own life. I hate unfamiliarity. I mean I can adapt to change but to honestly get so comfortable, I think its self-deception. Hmmm... I sound emo I'm not you know.

Meeting bird helped me gain focus for PI ! Hahaa see I'm updating now! I just need to find time! Everything is so hectic now the rare moments I feel peaceful and with you or at sleep. Alright and odd timings I can't remember.


Darren + Matthew + Jiaying and I walked a distance from school to Novena and buy yogurt :D I am easily satisfied. During CCA, Matthew and I were quite high and blasted John with photography questions- which was quite hilarious. HAHA but as usual being pro, he answered everything logically. AH NOW COME TO THINK ABOUT IT I HAVE TO START ON MAKING THE FAN CLUB FOR HIM.. Roar!

Wednesday is good too because after this there is no more tests in the upcoming Thursday and Friday, leaving me SOME spare time to blog. However, I have to tons of things to do by next week so the weekends are not going to be relaxing. Sigh. And I have 2.4km run tomorrow. OH another shocking news: I swear, Crescent people as a whole-can run fast. Its true! Last time PE lessons, I train for 2.4km and I only can come in after the 11th position or something... now in CJ I come in 3rd without training. Crazy right? A China scholar previously from Crescent also agrees with me.

Speaking of sanity, BF- ( lol it feels funny... means birdfriend ah don't anyhow interpret) said I sound crazy in my student handbook because I write silly stuff and reminders inside that appears like I am talking to myself. LOL. I didn't realise that but its not the first time some told me.... Its not my fault, I do it subconsciously...I am normal, I guess its a way to keep track of my crazy life.

I think I should just sleep now. Wake up early to do:
- Chemistry bonding homework
- Econs tutorial on the internet
- Maybe play and win 186bf!