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201-Water Earth Fire
Friday, April 9, 2010 @ 4/09/2010 02:30:00 PM

Do you reflect before you sleep? I hope so. At least that makes me kind of normal then. Because every day, before I sleep, the mind wanders. Very quickly too in fact. It drives me crazy, just when I think that it is this moment that is going to be the sanest time for the day. I reflect. I think. I imagine. I hope. And then I get too excited for the next day. I can't fall asleep. Damn.

Anyway, I recently got psychoanalysis by the school. I'm serious! That was how our PW was sorted out. =.= Super unreliable for people like me seeing that I have mixed personalities not a defined one like others. I mean c'mon! My results mirrored one another almost perfectly. I was a mix of Earth, Water, Fire. WTH. Never mind this just shows that I am well balanced :) and can mix with anyone lol. NOT SCREWED UP MINE YOU.

One thing for sure I am no way an "Air" . Here how it goes. I forgotten exactly what the questions are but my results were really 1 point different for the respective personality. 27 points for Water, 26 points for Earth, 25 points for Fire. The least was 22 points for Air.

Let me recall what each element means first.

Earth are : Blunt, Bold and Firm. (People like Zoey lol)

Fire people are : Spontaneous, Bright, Creative (?) (People like Jiayue)

Water people are: Calm, Feelings, Hesitant. ( People like Shimin)

Air: Orderly, Clear and Analytical. (JASMINNE!! OMG SO JASMINE..I know she dont read my blog so... hehe )

Something like that lah.

I have no idea which one I am even after the test...really!!!! Since I am NO WAY like Shimin but the test state that I was (!!?) I think maybe the FEELING part yes but calm and hesitant? I think if there was one more question in the test I would become Earth/Fire already. Plus since Water is something I all along aspire to be ( ever since Sec 3 okay! ) I might have subconsciously cheated a bit. :D:D

I know I am Earth-like at home, Water-like in class, Fire-like in CCA. LOL. Since the test was done in class. Water it is! Shocking right?! One thing for sure no sense of order is present in my life. The only one lacking- element of "air" lol. I know that too myself already.. =.= stupid useless quiz.

HAHA I hope PW is going to be a success. Our group fitted the "ideal" group category meaning have one of each element in our group. But honestly, people like me ( the rare ones suffering from split personalitieS ) need more in depth psychoanalysis.