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We're all mad here

Scissors Paper Stone.
Sunday, March 14, 2010 @ 3/14/2010 11:58:00 AM

On Friday I had CCA lunch with 3 guys and 2 other girls at Mos. It was quite fun despite the small group outing and I managed to make everyone participate in a childish game! Actually it was due to the fact that after eating we had nothing to do and everyone was spacing out so I suggested some something stupid...

Me: Darren I challenge you to SPS ( Scissors Paper Stone). I'm an expert in it!
Darren: MUHAHHA how can you be an expert in SPS?!
Darren: *Laughs to himself *
Me: So scared or not?! If I win you own me a favour.
Darren: Then what if I win?
Me: Nothing will happen! *said very quickly*
Darren: OK!

OMG I totally won everyone! (by sheer luck ) except Darren on the first round

Everyone: Eh can teach me the method to win? Since you are an expert.
Me: Actually I self-proclaim expert one there is no such thing....But there is a slight trick...

*Mumbles trick*

Everyone: WTH! YOU SURE?

They followed my theory and again (BY SHEER LUCK) for more than 5 consecutive rounds, using my methods they won! After that everyone was so amazed :D Laughed so hard at their faces. Actually everyone was laughing quite badly...

ANYWAY IT WAS FUN! HAHA JIAYING ( the new girl ) was quite entertaining too :) its rocks to have more girls in the CCA! We helped one another each time the guys ganged up! Both of us agreed that people with the "ying" in their names are cool people! TOTALLY!