To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

Sunday, February 21, 2010 @ 2/21/2010 12:37:00 PM

Talk about LQ. Haha I've met Dodobird recently as we studied together :D It felt slightly surreal but things have not changed much....

(argh I forgotten to take the photos! ) But never mind, my fringe that day was slightly floppy. Anyway she was telling me how LQ the guys in her class were. (LQ is something I've just learnt from her which stands for Low-Quality.) 6 of them, one irritating, 2 overweight, one cam-whores, the other gay and one of MQ!

I told her mine was no better in fact (in my own opinion) guys in my class take literature which means Ahem. Ew.

Then somehow or another we made a short random list of what guys should or should not do:

1. Guys are suppose to take history/china studies not literature or geography for humanities(ew so gay)!

2. Guys should not make chauvinist statements. (But then again I'm being slightly biased here)

3. Guys should not cam-whore. LOL.

I wont be surprised the list gets longer after more meetings with her as we complain about them :P.

HAHA we had really silly conversations/moments (stupid eyeballs shifting) but that's because it was some sort of escapism from our scary monstrous homework. (to think Secondary school work was hard...)

FWAH! Bird friend was doing Biology- her diagrams of cells all look so blur and for me I was doing Economics which means content heavy. Yikes. Pst...I realise Econs lecture was the worst out of all lectures it felt like listening to Chng all over again.

OH! and there was common consensus among my trusted friends that literature is USELESS. HEY MY TRUSTED FRIENDS HOW CAN U SAY THAT?! But its true even my dad agreed he wanted to skin me alive when I choose that instead of Geography and Physics.

...gah will talk more asap need to go bath now! Zoom!