To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


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family outing?
Monday, January 18, 2010 @ 1/18/2010 03:51:00 PM

Fwah the horoscope in MyPaper is pretty accurate. It says so for Cancerians that the plans we make these days won't run smoothly due to external factors ...something along the lines like that and its true!

See my schedule today is totally ruined! Woke up with my right part of the body completely sore. The effects of playing 40mins of badminton came abit too slowly. The pain hit me only after 2 days later. Ack!

The list of things that went wrong today:

  1. Was suppose to go out with Bird friend but due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel meeting.

  2. Was suppose to end yogurt craving due to erratic mood swings but did not managed to.

  3. Go library and read but failed due to unpredictable weather changes.


The only right thing I did was to wake up at 7.30am to go Botanical Gardens and jog walk like a semi-zombie with really small eyes. And ate red bean ice-cream in substitute of yoghurt :( . Not entirely satisfying but not bad either.

Yikes what am I rambling about. Erm my father going overseas again which is not very good because the H-place he's going is rather chaotic. Not it's not Haiti but Hong Kong ( protesters now are currently well protesting on the streets) I'm as worried as usual though it should be okay.

Random photos but very nice ones found on weheartit if I'm not wrong.
Sunday was a perfect family day for me although it started out being very frustrating for me initially. The dynamics of my family is difficult to say.

Sunday timetable works like this :

Morning to start of afternoon: Helped out at grandma's Nasi Lemak Stall as usual. Felt a little empty without my cousins but it was bearable and fortunate altogether without the "so what school are you going" aunties talk. Standard kind.

1pm-3pm: Dad started painting the walls at home and I "helped" out. After getting scolded by him due to uneven paint spread?! WTH.... I quickly dispersed and return to listening to Fm 93.3.

3pm-4pm: Was suppose to go cycling but painting was STILL NOT DONE. Sister threw a tantrum and I simply continue listening to music from the radio alternating from Symphony 92.4 to Gold 90.5

4pm-6pm: Was suppose to go out already but instead dad started watching TV and reading newspaper. I was super irritated as I was already dressed... in the end we only left house at 6.20pm! =.=

FINALLY we left not to cycle but to walk. It seemed like a horrid idea at first to me ( cos I was still moody over the lateness and the wasted golden afternoon) but turned out WONDERFUL! :D. A whole family walking along the riverside. Picture-perfect. Not to mention the weather was PERFECT!!! Sunset, breezy wind fwah I FELT SO BLISSFUL!!! We started from River Valley and walked all the way to Clarke Quay. A perfect way to spent the evening. The day was not wasted after all!

Sometimes I really feel that we should not take our families for granted, especially now when we are aging rapidly, very soon we will find our lives so cluttered with many things/people/objects/events that we forget our parents. Its true! The process of growing up is inescapable just like death and taxes so cherish the moments spent together now! CNY is drawing near, a reminder to Chinese families of their roots and values. (I am more cheena than it seems. )

An old man once asked me if I would cherish the family that I have or the family I am going to have. Without a beat I replied, " the family I have now" and that he said was harder to promise than the other option. Plus it prove that I have a traditional mindset. Hmmm. I wonder. True, we are selfish creatures by nature. It is so easy to reject going out with θ€ηˆΈθ€ε¦ˆ than with friends. Often the generation gap is the issue here. We simply don't connect with them as we do.

Wait back to the perfect glorious Sunday. After the long walk to Clarke Quay we recognise a problem which no one had predicted. We were simply tooooo tired to walk back to River Valley and was probably hungry already. My dad was about to suggest taking public bus back when we noticed the sign : FREE SHUTTLE BUS .....LAST RIDE 7.30pm. Looking at our watches it says 7.28pm...

FWAH! We ran like The Amazing Race manz... all the way!! Huk! We were the last passengers and made it! My family are all good runners. HAHA although my sister didn't do anything as she started complaining about being weary and Dad had to carried her halfway. Oh we saw a "familiar" face too on our journey.
*Trudging across the open field, the green grass~ cool sky*
Suddenly, my dad said, "Eh! That guy! He's on TV! OOoooh!
Our heads turned at the direction he was pointing to but we saw nothing.

Dad not giving up says, " You know one, that guy there! Works for Channel
NewsAsia ."Turning my head once more I was not surprised that only my father could recognise him... Mum and Sister was still thinking of Dai Yang Tian or other celebrities.... Please no one watches Channel NewAsia and recognise the reporters other than him.... -_-"

Sigh I miss him. Even though he just left 2 hours ago...wah!