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bodyguards and assassins
Friday, January 22, 2010 @ 1/22/2010 04:59:00 PM

Eyes: left right left right left right left right left right left right fullstop.

Now change text.

Eyes: Start to water. Up down up down up-up again. down. up down finally fullstop.
Guess what? I'm reading Chinese storybooks. Yes Chinese. And it is not easy. I have no idea how I manage to pass the first chapter but yes! I did! It is such a big change from normal reading.

First of all, the directions. My eyes are accustom to read English words, from left to right. And then next sentence. For Chinese, you go up down and then the next sentence is not at the bottom but at the right. Right to left. Gah.

So why get Chinese books in the first place? Well since my darling partner is away in Thailand, it struck me that I ought to do something worthwhile too and since the last time I ever read Chinese was long long time ago I decided upon this! FWAH.

And then there is the words, its not the simple Chinese characters but the complicated kind. Plus my speed for reading Chinese is 2.5 times slower than English.

Now remember this?

Then visualise this in Chinese. The English version was simply too expensive for me to wait for a price drop. However the Chinese was half its price. Without wanting to wait I brought this and another book in Chinese.

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So that summarise about it. OH! Have you watch Bodyguards and Assassins?

It was quite well done. If you can ignore the pointless prolonged fights, Leon Lai, unnecessary brooding on faith and brotherhood, Leon Lai, shallow characterisation of females and Leon Lai it is quite good. Made me cried at certain parts.

Lets talk about the good parts...

Fighting for what you believe in is strongly enforced in this film. The struggle for justice/liberalisation in Hong Kong, with people of all kinds risking their lives to protect one man : Sun Yat Sen. ( OMG The actor that played him made me loled like crazy when he came out at the last scene) The ensemble cast, consisting of famous people (Donnie Yen, Tony Leung) and also a singer and basketball player makes it quite refreshing to watch.

I like the fact that the sense of righteousness was portrayed with each character acting on their morals. Each of them has an interesting back story. A businessman, a scholar, an ex general, a roadside stall owner, a trishaw man FWAH! Not bad! Ranging from the high society to the middle class to the commoners they are brothers, linked with a common purpose, a common goal for their country.

The bad parts.

So many characters, surely there are some that lack of depth, lack of exploration basically its the Leon Lai character. Not to mention his lack of acting skills and poor hairstyle.



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Did he reborn his hair!? And why is he made a 高手 displaying martial arts when there is Donnie Yen in this film already? I just don't like him. I had a deja vu when I saw his hairstyle, completely like 风云. And the character he plays only takes time onscreen meaninglessly a complete wastage in shots that could be reduce to speed up to the climax.

Also, all the women in the films other than the one played by singer Li Yuchun was involved in some love relationship or another. Totally predictable and could have been avoided. Fan Bing Bing who is part of the star studded cast deserve a much better role other than playing a love interest of 2 men. Perhaps slightly more background to her role?

And as much as I like Donnie Yen, after seeing how badly walloped he is by the enemy I wondered how can he not die?! According to my mum who yelled in mid-way ( during the Donnie Yen being whacked like crazy scene) : " 导演不要他死就可以不死的!" Eh what is this?!
Don't take the gory scene too overboard manz. Focus on the plot!