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shallow me
Sunday, December 6, 2009 @ 12/06/2009 08:17:00 PM

Here is a transcript of my conversation with Zoey when we were at Borders recently.
Some parts might be wrong but the essences is almost the same, I did my best to recall from the memories.

Zoey: I'm going to read the Men's Magazine you stay here.
Me: Huh why? *Flipping TeenVogue without looking up*
Zoey: Just stay.

A few minutes later I was curious at what Zoey can exactly read from Men's Magazine so I walked to the other shelf.

Me: What the hell. What are you reading? *Butt in forcefully*
Zoey: Men's Health. (or smthing like that can't recall the name) *Didnt look up too*
Me: Interesting meh?
Zoey: -silence-
Me: Gosh I hate Men's magazine what can they possibly read about? Its either porn or gadgets.

Every men around me looked at my direction.

Zoey: Don't be stupid. I show you....*flips her magazine and gestured to me* ...see got exercise tips, career talks and random interesting facts.
Me: Sounds like Reader's Digest. Why don't they just read Reader's Digest instead then?Reader's Digest somemore funnier. *rambles on Reader's Digest on and on*
Zoey: Ummmm. Fine at least its better than what you are reading....*points forcefully to Vogue Australia.* Nothing except adverts.

I was still unconvinced that there was something better in Men's magazines then Women's so I bugged her non stop until she accompanied me to the Women's section.

Zoey: So why are you reading it?
Me: I like pretty things. The fashion shoots in every page of the fashion magazine is what makes it a fashion magazine. Got pretty women, pretty clothes. Great photography, artistic...
Zoey: Huh? Thats the part that I don't like. Such a waste of pages.
Me: *still rambling* nice make-up, diamonds so glamourous....
Zoey: -silence-

I take it that her silence was her stoning and I was not wrong. Half an hour later of fashion news and flipping of glossy pages.....

Me: *sigh* I can say one thing I like more about men's magazine as compared to women's....
Zoey: What? *looks exicited*
Me: It does not lower my self esteem.
Zoey: HA! See... these magazines part of the trash the media sents out...*blabbles on...*
Me: Shut up! I rather be unrealistic and be skinny then. I shall believe it. Must start losing weight today.

Hmm.. I I that shallow? Perhaps. But then again, Zoey often disagrees with me that looks plays a part in life. Whatever. I'm not really into the innner beauty kinda crap. Sure I believe in innner beauty but appearences should not be taken lightly too. And her dislike towards fashion magazines.... Hmph! The words dont really count ok?! Its the pictures that are the main attraction.