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Family and Vengeance
Tuesday, December 15, 2009 @ 12/15/2009 12:00:00 PM

Nowadays my sister and I have some "bonding time" over a really weird thing.

It's called Family Outing! introduced to me by darling partner :D. Trust me, I was really surprised that I enjoyed it because...

  1. I am not into the Korean Wave.

  2. The humour injected was ummmm the dumb kind...... not my type at all.

  3. There is not a single handsome/goodlooking actor in this variety show.

So, why am I in love with it?

Hahaha well, you have to watch and see :D. HAHA! the chemistry between the cast was superb and genuine I guess, not at all like acting. Which is like the whole point of variety shows duh! Uber funny every episode! Only the guest stars might faced off with some awkwardness but other than that, every member of the family IS HILARIOUS :D .

I guess my extreme boredom and procrastination has a part to play too BUT the variety show have some credits too :))) !

On the other hand, I've resurrected my dead old reading list and continued on! This time it was harder due to my lack of funds and unwillingness to buy any books,.I borrowed instead mostly ( which has unexpected results) and I am finally on my 30th book! ( known as The Old Man and the Sea)

Anyway, I wonder if any of you guys watch these films before.

Source : latemag and impawards

YES! Doesn't the movie posters already give you the chills? Alright so its totally "my type " of movies hehe. Involving heavy bloodshed, ultimate coolness and most importantly great pictures and plot.

VENGEANCE IS MINE!! MUHAHAHA. *evil laughter echos*

First up : Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. FWAH THE GRAPHICS ARE FWAH. The play of colours in the film to show contrasts ( abit artsy fartsy around here involving cool use of cinematography~something that I look out when watching movies.) But honestly, after watching this show, I have a fresh respect for Lee Young Ae. Its not easy to act from innocent pretty Bambi-eyed looking lady to cold blood murderess. muhahaha. REVENGE IS HERS!

Take note of the colours in the film fading to black and white gradually as the movie plods on.


Black trench coat?




Cool slick moves?


Stylish dialogue?




FWAH!!! SO MY TYPE :)) P.S I realise I like Anthony Wong's acting a lot. Like a lot. He's so I-cant-even-say-the-word-cool-cos-its-not-cool-enough-for-it. Alright now left with 不能没有你 (the one that clinch Golden Horses) to watch.

P.S: I wanted to post about this long time ago but forgotten. Now I'm repaying my sins haha for abandoning my blog. Sorry for the anticlimax seeing that its Christmas and stuff we are morally suppose to be watching shows representing love and family but instead I'm recommending violence hehehe.