To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

Friday, October 9, 2009 @ 10/09/2009 09:17:00 PM

I can't believe there would be a day someone comes up to me and tells me to update my blog. Hmmm I ought to feel complimented? At least it is comforting to know that there are some people reading this semi dead blog :D.
Life is just zooming by so fast there is hardly anytime for me to breathe not to mention keeping updates.I have become almost mechanical like, operating non stop like robots. Even my bodily functions are tuned eg: bladder will have to pee at 6.20am in morning irregardless of got school or not. But I believe I am not the only one lamenting so that makes life more bearable, the theory of equal unhappiness. Okay instead of sounding crude here lets have some glamorous photos (consisting of yours truly)

YES! Those are from G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N ! Pictures from a random order ( 1st: with out beloved form teacher Mrs Tan, PAT during Physics lesson without air con me clique and I simply whipped out the camera, back row gang and Olivia's funny expression after eating cookies )

I miss you all!!!! On a separate note, I want to get an autograph book RIGHT NOW! Argh but I lack of the time to go out and get something decent. Gross. Even Shimin and recently in new addition darling partner 3 .....drums roll... VIIVEN! birthday presents are still not prepared. FWAH SO STRESS~~ on top of that I still have to do all the chemistry and physics past years papers and geog all due by Monday!

(Vain people all gathered to look fab for the ceremony, Melissa refusal to smile, IGNORE MY HAIR and VIVIEN! height, Ximian pose imitated by many, front row gang)

Sniff.. I miss everybody. Although I must admit the farewell ceremony was a complete fiasco. Ok now if you continue reading, this part of the post is a bit more personal and well nostalgic. So stop here if you don't want get overly emo.

THE PEOPLE: ( in no particular order, I just think of you and type)

  • Janice, Belinda, YehChi, Kristy and Ester. You guys are the best. My clique for the entire year, the idiotic times we spent during recess together were laughable. I must admit while all of you had passive like behaviour, it is only natural that my attitude may sometimes be aggressive and forceful at times. But still you could endure me so long so I imagine no hard feelings! Especially to Yehchi who keep on insisting that I ruined her reputation.

That's not TRUE! I heart you. I miss eating canteen food with you guys. Just thinking about eating next time in a COMPLETELY new environment with strangers makes me fearful.

  • Shimin, Jiayue and ahem my newly darling partner VIVIEN ( who incidentally turned 16! thus explaining the exclamation mark that follows after her name every time) I really really have fond memories with you people. Studying together, Shimin and Jiayue to be honest you guys were the first friends I made in 3G1 so even though you may think I am slightly dramatic here but you really made an impact to me. Honest. I LOVE the times we sat together along with PeiQi and had computer games challenge every emaths lessons.

  • VIVIEN! Trust me when I sat next to you my reaction was immediate dislike and digust. BUT BUT BUT gradually my love for you has increased more than 100 fold. Ok maybe not love but you get the picture. At first, it started with you knowing how to spin pen thus earning my respect. But WE always tease one another ( me to you: manly- and you to me : bimbo.) so I think this hate relationship somehow transformed later on to something more positive. English was funny too during Vanitha's lesson and so was literature remedial/enrichment/i dontknow what the heck it was even until now. Actually I considered you to be my darling partner ever since MINDCHAMPS but because I was too stubborn to admit it plus you were so MEAN TO me. Fact that never change.

So MY 3 DARLING PARTNERS! WE MUST NEVER PART :D MY Mindchamps buddies never reveal the secret you force me to reveal too hor. Its a partners thing. OR else...

  • Front row English/cme gang. YES YOU SARAH JANE AND FISHY. Front rows partners. I wont forget you too. I must say I only got to know you people better this year only but never mind. Better late than never. Chatting with you people was funny. And high five Sarah! we are always bullied by our respective partners although they deny to death.

  • Jasmine. Wrong as it sounds I like it when you call my name when your angry. HA! I never knew my name could sound so fab. I would miss debating with you on politics, while irritating you with fashion news. :D I never learn so much educational thing from someone technically younger than me and at times although I have an urge to kill you ( the times where you correct my English in some sort of prissy voice) I just wanna high five with you over and over again. FTW!

  • AUDREY TRIXY! enough said. English lessons were never that hilarious. AH I WOULD MISS TAKING 186 bus with you!! Cant believe I said that, despite having to hear your laments and complain about the government system, yet now every time I think of buses I think of how shitty the new ones are. GOSH you got me brainwashed. And despite all the times that you barge into my houses, and play mahjong... it was FUN! and Audrey: despite Jiayue saying you gain weight I dont think so leh. and also despite Jiayue saying you look perverted, I dont think so too leh. HA! Thanks for playing with me bball, tolerating how sucky I was all the times. Out of all the crazy people you and Shimin are the most sane, saving me/victims of Jiayue and Trixy at crucial times. THANKS :D we are always indebted to you. LOL.

  • PeiQi: You suck. I miss saying that. HEHE no la you are the complete opposite, together with Yishang make the best chairs around. P.S for the record I am not an auntie. Keziahhhhhhhhhh! Stop terrorising me. FULLSTOP SO NOISY. Good luck in being a teacher, I probably sent my children to Nebraska then let you teach them. :D

  • YANPING! DODOBIRD! thanks for everything you done for me! Really. I promise you we will go get clothes together and I will never stop contacting you. Dance is no promise though becasue I want to learn French too and until I can get a job to feed my body! LETS GO FIND TOGETHER :D:D Wish you can be a bit crazier though at times haha you are so like Shimin so practical.

  • CHAIRMAN ESTHER. SALUTE FURIOUSLY. I wont talk about you until I get my photography photos that I paid for. The leaders are corrupt.

And then there is part 2.

(Darling partner snathcher, Peiqi stupid smile quote from her " I'm always ready" to take photos whatever *rolls eyes*,


  1. Winning the Chinese New Year decoration at the start of the year. I knew it was going to be a kick ass way to 4g1 beginnings. Our hard work for decorations paid off, having Ms Ho and Mrs Tan in a cart while the rest of the organizations were settled by Jiayue, Trixy, PeiQi, Yishang and Dian. WE WON! If I recalled correctly, everyone was so happy and I was so happy that I said "yo yo" to Lynette out of random.

  2. Coming down early for morning assembly. I hated it at first, because I thought it was so silly but later on, it evolved to something so 4G1. Sometimes, being a goody two shoes actually feels nice. Odd right?

  3. Rehersal for the Teacher's Day skit! FWAH I heart Ms Ho and Ms Ng scenes the best!! Note: I prefer the rehersal time then the acutal performance itself becasue thinking back, there was a time when we werre in the midst of practising, then PeiQi suddenly yelled that there were teachers coming and all of us idiotically hid under the tables with lights off. Tell me about it. And Keziah was laughing non stop next to me...

  4. National day celebrations same thing. WE WON! Jasmine use of trigonometry on the making of the hat kept me laughing non stop.

  5. Class outing to Marina Barrage. Jump shots like crazy, I knew I couldnt walk properly the next day. I felt like a supermodel that day because everyone and everybody was not listening to the learning parts of the learning journey but simply camwhoring instead.

  6. Winning Class of the Year Award. It was a sweet manz. SWEET. It didnt turn out to be the top because partly, I feel that the fiasco of the ceremony dampened a bit of my spirits.

  7. Class outing. Enough said. Watching VIVIEN! learn how to cycle and along with Kristy was hilarious. Ha! And the Kaimin blowing the fire supposedly making it bigger was stupid but funny to watch. ( IT DIDNT WORK KAIMIN.)

( last recess with the gang, horrified look from me to the people doing that pose, smita being shorter than usual)

Alright, I feel so :( after typing so I shall go sit in the corner and cry ignore me please. I didnt want it to be such a post but I couldnt help it!