To be honest there is nothing much about me worth knowing. I live in an island, enjoys being a photographer at times and dance like no one else business. Thats all. I can't think what to write for now so it just stays like this. Welcome to the little life of mine and lets try not to get utterly bored, shall we?


We're all mad here

Saturday, August 15, 2009 @ 8/15/2009 09:41:00 PM

I feel acomplished today!

Woke up for a morning run with Zoey from House to Botanical Gardens to Tanglin to School. WOW. And guess what? We only took a mere 40 mins...! I was rather impressed by my own stamina as I was quite sure we were going to be late for morning lessons. Maybe its running with Zoey, you just don't really dare to feel tired when she is full of energy herself. LOL. The day was being fabulous to us too :D not too hot nor windy- it was PERFECT. P.S of course there are no photos here, I basically brought nothing but myself to school you think I would be holding a camera?!

Then after all that hububb in school, I went to meet Bird Friend and studied for physics.. ROAR thinking about it now, I still ought to continue on my Physics but never mind blog first. Think later. I was late for her meeting- (if you are reading this now please I am very very consumed in guilt paiseh PLEASE I wasn't late on purpose :( I swear! Of all the rubbish I babbled this is true! I really thought we won't be meeting today or something sorry fwah I must find a way to compensate you!!)
( hehe I took this secretly yesterday... FWAH SORRY X 100000000 see she so deep in thought while I fooled around lol I was damn tired while she was on caffeine rush being high and all, I was the complete opposite... sorry ah must forgive me first then I take down the photo hehe what a threat...)

( I like that blue fish coil thingy.. Where to buy? and the sesame cover too.. last but not least I want the Itouch! so cool got sheldon inside to motivate us!! C'mon man we can do it!)

At seven my mother, after winning from her weekly mahjong (according to her she "self touch" a lot of times and win quite a lot! ), decided to treat us all Sake Sushi so we managed to enjoy a decent Japanese meal! I feel very bloated now!! Even after sharing my noodles with Mummy FWAH VERY FULL...

( My bowl is the smaller one duh! and my tiny sister ate the bigger one... haha it was super large.)

On another hand I need money $$$ desperately. I don't understand why but all my money like disappear..
  • Cut hair - $10
  • Go popular $29 and buy : 5 foolscap paper pad, book, pen refill,s highlighter, files!!, random stuff like post-it pad and god knows what... hey I rarely go POPULAR can? Don't really like that place but no choice... no pen ink, no paper at home -_-")
  • Drinks- $5 OMG! Don't every go Burger King in Tiong Bahru.. IT SUCKS BIG TIME. The coffee tasted weird, the Milo tasted weird.. Damn it.
  • Rubber band and ear sticks - Fwah my ear holes are closing! YIKES and I lost my 100859234th rubber band already..
Anyway this is now my to-do list for tomoorrow: GAH it feels like alot right? And I thought today was productive. SLAPS MYSELF
  1. Physics- do tys plus paper
  2. Study for geography ( natural vegetation weather and climate)
  3. Chemistry papers
  4. English somehow do something about it.
  5. Pray for Chinese results....
  6. Emaths and Amaths homework

THAT'S ABOUT IT? I hope so! Come on hit me! Erm long due blurry picture of me, my other cousins and neighbour watching fireworks :D on National Day.

( obviously can tell that both pictures are not taken by me right? So blur.. sigh I wonder. Thankfully the good thing is that cannot really see my face properly..)